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Guindyloo and Buglips paint Dungeon Dwellers 07001 Rictus the Undying

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So Buglips and I were discussing it because I genuinely thought that the thighs were cloth and we figured out why I thought they were and how I came to agree that they were not.


So I don't know how well you can actually see that, but maybe you can see how there's a bit of a curve to the back of his thigh, which my brain read as sagging cloth. There are also creases at the back of his knee. Buglips told me something about armour that I'll never remember enough about to repeat. So what actually convinced me that it was not cloth was because of the thickness of his thigh. Obviously he's just a skeleton, so if he just had cloth pants, then his thighs would not be so thick, they'd be bony and extremely saggy. So for there to be structure there, the intention must be for it to be armour and the creases at the back of the knee are just the gap between the armour plates where you can see cloth poking through.

So I basecoated his sleeves and the back of his knee with MSP Black Green.


And then I did the thighs and the shield arm with the same metal and rust method as the rest of the areas. 


So next I wanted to paint the other metal areas, which I wanted to be gold. I decided to basecoat those areas with purple because, well, why not? I thought it might give them a slight undertone that you might not necessarily actually see consciously, but that would make them go just a little bit better with the purple cloak. So I grabbed MSP Malvernian Purple, literally because it was the closest purple to my hand at the time, and basecoated the inside of the shield and the stripe down the middle of his helmet and the hilt of his sword.




Then I went over the purple with P3 Blighted Gold, which is one of my favourite metallic paints. It's just so lovely. On the inside of the shield, I also went over the Blighted Gold with Secret Weapon Rust Shadow to dull down the shine since that entire area is in shadow up against his body...at least with the way that I planned on positioning his shield.



Then I started working on his face and oh man, you guys. I've painted a lot of skeletons but for some reason, it just wasn't working out with this guy. He just looked off. The colours were wrong, the contrast was wrong and he somehow looked cross-eyed even though he doesn't have any eyes....



And in trying to fix it, I just..... I don't know if this ever happens to you guys, but.....I accidentally OSL'd.




Here's another shot with a white background so that the camera isn't going above and beyond with the white balance and blowing out the contrast in the process.


That picture is not really any better. One of these days I swear I'm going to sort out these lighting issues. I was thinking about maybe trying one of those arc lights that gives more consistent light. Anyway, I digress.

So since I hadn't actually intended on doing this OSL, I didn't take any pictures of the process. :down: However, since I'm also incompetent, I managed to totally forget about painting his arm that's showing through his shredded arm cloth, so I was able to document the steps on that! 


So I started out by painting the arm bone with..........I'm honestly not sure what colour that is. It's one of the MSP bone paints. It honestly doesn't matter because I just wanted to give it a bright off-white base.



Next I took the best paint that Reaper makes, 09248 Moth Green :wub: Or, ok, I suppose that's just my subjective opinion, maybe not everyone has need for the best acid green colour ever or something; at the very least it's my favourite Reaper paint and I very much think that everyone should own it. Anyway, I took arguably the best paint that Reaper makes, my beloved 09248 Moth Green :wub: and went over the arm bone with it. I want this to be my brightest point on the arm. Moth Green is a touch translucent so the brightness of the off white beneath it is really going to punch up the brightness of the area.



Next, I'm going to tag @Fire_Eyes because I was just giving a suggestion about this to her - I wanted you to see what I ended up using for this. I probably could've thinned it a bit more because I do still have a wee bit of chalkiness but I ended up going for a slightly darker green to dull it down to make sure that the brightest point was my light source.

I started with a base of MSP Candlelight Yellow and mixed just half a brush worth of MSP Clear Blue into it and that gave me this pretty translucent darker than Moth Green but still very acidic slime looking green colour.


I would want to play with this a little bit more in the future because it was still just slightly chalky because there is a little bit of an opaque base to the Candlelight Yellow. I'm not sure why I grabbed the Candlelight Yellow instead of Clear Yellow. Truth be told, I really love Candlelight Yellow and so the thought process behind it was most likely "Ooh, I love Candlelight Yellow." I'm really not kidding when I say that the OSL just kinda happened, so when doing the arm, I wanted to recreate what I had done on the head rather than play with it and risk having two parts looking drastically different. On future figures, I would use Clear Yellow instead and see if that resolves the slight chalkiness and if not, then I'd explore possible additives to mix in. Anyway.

I took that mix and concentrated it on the areas closest to the bone like the inside of the sleeve and the fabric folds closest on the cloak. This is my strongest light, but I made it darker to maintain the brightness of the source.




Then I took a couple of brushes full of that green mix and added a couple of drops to make a heavy glaze.


I used this the same way I would do a regular glaze, making sure to dab off most of the moisture onto a paper towel, and then I used it in a circular area around the lightsource. I extended it a little bit further on parts where the metallic was meant to be shiny because a metallic surface would very much reflect a colourful lightsource like that. So you'll see that I put some on the sword and even down his legs and a touch on the foot that he has extended.




Because that was a glaze, it dulled down the original strong points that I made on the surfaces closest to the lightsource, so I went back in with straight Moth Green and touched just the edges of the closest surfaces.




It's not perfect OSL by any means, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, especially since it just kinda happened.......does that sort of thing happen to y'all or am I just especially weird?

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I feel like it's less accident and more inspiration.  That happens to me too, all the time.  I love it when I get that moment of 'coup d'oeil' and I can suddenly visualize what the end product will look like and the steps I need to take to get there.

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Somehow I missed @Guindyloo  glaze tutorial, but I have just read it now. Thank you very much!

It was very good and informative.

deffently a few mistakes I have been doing..

I have often used a mix of water and clear varnish to thin the paint, to make it less running/wash-like (the varnish is as thick as paint) because I found it hard to control. But that is because I did not dab most of the glaze off on a papertowel, and I should thin it more than I do..

Thank you!!

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On 3/18/2018 at 12:42 PM, LarsM said:

Somehow I missed @Guindyloo  glaze tutorial, but I have just read it now. Thank you very much!

It was very good and informative.

deffently a few mistakes I have been doing..

I have often used a mix of water and clear varnish to thin the paint, to make it less running/wash-like (the varnish is as thick as paint) because I found it hard to control. But that is because I did not dab most of the glaze off on a papertowel, and I should thin it more than I do..

Thank you!!

You're very welcome! I'm glad it helped! ^_^


4 hours ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

...I'm starting to believe that all skeletons glow in Guindy-land...

But I really like the green OSL! 

Well, yeah! Why would you not want your skeletons to glow??


4 hours ago, Clearman said:


Too much Scooby Doo....

Too much Tim Burton, actually...





And while Skeletor may not technically glow, he does have a glowing personality.


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