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New Viking/Anglo Saxon Kickstarter!- By Renaissance Miniatures

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EDIT: Kickstarter is now Live!



"Hi everyone, we are back - and with a brand new Kickstarter!

Later this week we are launching a Kickstarter featuring Viking and Anglo-Saxon ships, buildings and accessories - and we wanted to get the word out.


Yes...more ships! During the Kickstarter we'll be making some of our older ships and popular models available for a limited time as well as the new ones. Same designs - but now unpainted.

To recap on our history: Last year we closed up our webstore and decided to pretty much quit making models. But after some thought we came up with the idea for a "Model of the Month" (MoTM) - evolve to go forward! Each month we make a brand new model available for purchase - we take orders, build and ship exactly that number, then "retire" the kit and move on to something else on the next month.

We have been slowly building up customers and getting the word out there. Some models did better than others but what was clear to us was that we still enjoyed making models, just at a more relaxed pace. Only doing one model a month was way more enjoyable and because we could mass-produce more efficiently - it's also a better business model for us.

Renaissance Miniatures has never been our bread and butter. We do okay on Model-of-the-Month and Kickstarters but the webstore was always more pain than gain.

Then came our small Viking ship as one of our MoTM offerings. Vikings was a genre we had never done before but our ship models are always a favorite of customers. So, rather than spinning them out over months - lo and behold: A new Kickstarter featuring what a lot of people know us for..ships!


The Model of the Month is on hold right now while we get the Kickstarter running - but it'll start up again in a couple of months. But for now, the Viking Kickstarter is the main priority. Getting the models made and sent out to backers as quickly as possible.

So please join us next week and follow along. Give us some feedback and lets make this fun again. We love talking with you guys. And we love having our models be involved with your enjoyment of tabletop gaming. Now....lets play!

If all goes well, we'll launch the new Kickstarter on the 9th (this coming Friday)"

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They are a terrific company, their models are well thought-out and clever and useful, and they have run and fulfilled numerous successful Kickstarters. 


I’m very glad to hear they have found a good rhythm for their work that is more enjoyable for them. 





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Just saw this announcement in my inbox and thought it would cost me a bit of money if they look as nice as the ship in these pictures. And I agree with Pingo, they fulfilled both KS's I back and have had great customer support when I found I was missing a few small pieces.

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Their ships are great. I have backed 3 of there kickstarters and haven’t been disappointed. This one looks especially good since they will be offering some of the older stuff that hasn’t been available since they closed their web store. 


Edit: Here is one of the ships I got from their Pirate kickstarter for those not familiar with their stuff. This was the large ship in that kickstarter.



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From their Facebook page it looks like the kickstarter is looking good for a Friday launch.

Plus more teaser pics and a bit more info:


"Roughly 25 brand new kits, plus a few old favorites - and bunches of big bargain bundles.  This is going to be our greatest Kickstarter **EVER**!"


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Interesting that they say running a webstore is a pain. IIRC, Monolith says the same for their games, and Steve Jackson Games was one of the earliest companies to try a webstore -- then closed it, though this was long before Warehouse 23. Petersen Games, Kingdom Death, and Dwarven Forge have webstores, but keep running out of stock! 


So this is the first company I've heard who essentially says they prefer *not* to keep product continuously in stock, which makes sense from an inventory cost perspective -- but is entirely different than what customers are used to, at least before KS. Monolith is doing this with their Batman boardgame (no plans to go retail or sell through a webstore). This business model doesn't exclude additional printings, but it looks like RM, for one, has no intention of doing such a thing. I'm guess it's not as much fun as creating new models, and/or the demand isn't enough for a second print run.

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From their Facebook page:

"Our Vikings and Anglo-Saxons Kickstarter begins at 7pm US CST TONIGHT! (Friday, March 9th).  22 brand new kit designs - ships, buildings and accessories - plus the return of a couple of old favorites.   More to come as stretch goals and freebies over the coming 30 days.  Kickstarters are the best place to chat with other enthusiasts - and to suggest design improvements and new kits to us."






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I want that Cog ship. Hopefully its not too expensive. They are also currently offering the smaller ship La Belle on their model of the month website for $55 which is $20 cheaper than the KS price. I am kind of wanting it because its unpainted. It doesn't come with the Cannons but the cannons were the most tedious part of that build, and the Blood and Plunder cannons are cheap and look good on it anyway with no real assembly required.  

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