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Rob Dean

Vintage Minifigs Elf Reinforcements

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I did a batch of 18 of these little guys last year.  Every time I think that I have acquired all the possible large lots of these things, more show up.  Shortly after I finished those, I got fifteen more in an auction lot, and have finally finished them up this weekend.  In the meantime, I found another cache of twenty of them...at this point, I think I have enough. ::D:








Now, I have to say, by modern standards these are some sad little figures.  There is little detail, and the faces are very vaguely sculpted.  However, it does emphasize a point I make every once in a while.  The expected use of these things was in mass, and viewed as part of a scene during a war-game, rather than as individual show pieces.  Therefore, the fact that there isn't a lot of detail means that you can knock them up pretty quickly and get to your mass effect.


At normal viewing distances, you get something more like this:






The one blue tunic stands out, but you can't tell whether anyone's belt is slightly off, or even whether they are cross-eyed. :blink:


I am always in awe of the serious painters around here.  I don't have the patience to do much of that sort of work, so I have been gravitating back to this earlier style...


On to some goblins today, I hope...

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Nice Army!


Well for Elves that is...bloody gooddoers...time for some Chaos Lord to bring those treehuggers down!!

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18 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:

They look great, Rob!   I love the individual detail on each quiver! 


And since you don't see that en masse, it's just for my own amusement while I'm painting. ::D:

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The Pointy Eared Ones painted up SPLENDIDLY...especially considering what small & poorly detailed miniatures the old Mini Figs were. 

They look WONDERFUL  on their LOVELY group bases; like little vignettes. OUTSTANDING WORK!

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43 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

Good looking little army you've got yourself here. :winkthumbs:


Thanks.  Here's the whole army so far:




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      Since they had some fun and interesting figures back in the day (~1980) and I didn’t have any of them, I conclude that none of my local hobby shops carried the line.


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