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77161: Ghost King - Shelf of Shame WIP

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I started painting this guy as a speed paint for a D&D game, then discovered interesting complexity of his armour and body position.  I stared at him quite a bit trying to visualize how I would paint him.  I decided on light coming from in front of and below his hand, started, then gave up. 


He is rescued from my shelf of shame and hopefully will be the first of many I complete this month.  Comments and criticism are welcomed.  I am going to try to illuminate him as though a bright light (like maybe a paladin's aura) is striking him.


Light direction picked, base coats, initial guess at the nmm highlights marked, black wash. 




Cloak shaded and highlighted.




Bones shaded and highlighted




Darkest greys and mid tones added on the armour.




Brightest highlights on the armour added.



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Made some progress.  Re-painted the sword highlights to correct the light direction.  Still looks off somehow, but not sure why.





Darkened the shadows with more purple.




Increased the highlights closest to the light source on the cloak using linen white. 






Subdued the highlights in the shadow area of the cloak, made the highlight on the cloak under his right arm wider as it is very close to the light source. 






Next step is to start adding colour from the light source.  I'm going to try to make it seem like there is a torch in front of him.  Not sure whether to start with the ambient light colours on the cloak and work forward to the brightest areas or to start with the brightest colours close to the light source and work back from there. 

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Okay, I figured it out... I did both at once.  I slapped on a couple of highlights then switched to some ambient shadows and just kept going back and forth until none of the original cloak colour remained.  I thought it would turn out more orange than this.  It might have if i had used a more orange brown as the underpaint.  I also did the highlighting on the bones.










Next I did the base trying to keep it from being brighter than the cloak.  They turned out pretty much the same, though. 




Next was the bright reflections on the armour.




Then the sword.








Last thing was the gems, which felt weird to paint because they are upside down from the usual, since the light is coming from underneath.  The gems are green, which I thought would pop out well against yellow.  They look totally flat though.  Another colour might be a better choice.




So that's where I've gotten with this one.  Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.



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Wowzers!  I liked it with just the rich gradient grays, but now the simulated light-casting makes this figure positively POP.  The reddish tones to the highlights in the relatively shadowed areas really help to give a sense of heat -- as if this fellow is standing on a precipice over a fiery abyss.  Very dramatic!

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