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Kuro Cleanbrush

77553: Crusader Ardent

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This makes me want to pick up (another) whole set of them and paint them all as if they're charging up their weapons to smite the bejeezus out of some evil. Awesome job on the OSL, the cloak/canard, armor, all of it.

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I admire your painting style!


This is awesome, I like how it looks both like a miniature and a 3d cartoon/animated series character at the same time.

Not sure if I can get across what I meant with this..

Rest assured it's a compliment!


Wished I could paint that way!


Now please ask this zealot to leave my Undead alone will you?



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This is awesomesauce times a gillion. I really love how will you sell the OSL while still getting great color saturation on the other side of the mini. It's beautiful.


And I need this mini.

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That is such a fantastic paint job.  Of all the greatness to it, the crispness of lines, the OSL, the NMM but what I'm drawn most to is the intensity of that blue.  That's incredible!

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    • By ryc03
      While I haven't try to play D&D, I have a friend who does, and his friends want some of their miniatures painted. Before I accept the request  want to see if my painting skills is presentable for gaming. so I pulled a couple of figures out from my kickstart rewards and paint them up.
      All are done with Citadel paint by hand.






    • By Iridil
      And here is number 5 - the one which I think came out best because I like his face. Painting 4 of these made me realize I really like faces, the pain that they are. Included a group shot too.

    • By Glitterwolf
      This is a bust from El Greco: Deus Vult / Militi Christi.
      I painted him as a Knight Hospitaller.
      Learned a lot on the way.
      There are a few white specks in the pics, I was taking them outside and this is actually not there.
      Also there is more depth than the pics show, some shadows are washed out by the camera.
      WIP here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/85635-deus-vult-militi-christi-bust-by-glitterwolf/
      This one is going to be shipped off as a present to a certain person.
      It will be a surprise and I wonder how it will be received.
      Here he is.

    • By Unit04
      The rest of my Kickstarter for AEG's Thunderstone Quest came in.  This was for an expansion that changed the player count from 2-4 to 1-6 as well as adding a cooperative mode.  I'm not sure I'd want to play this game at 6 players unless it is cooperative because there is a lot of downtime when its not your turn.  In cooperative mode, it seems that everyone goes at the same time, so that probably reduces down time.  
      I didn't realize it at the time, but the expansion ALSO comes with two minis (6 were included in the base game so it wasn't strictly necessary).  I also didn't realize that the monk had a mark on her forehead that I THINK is intentional (these aren't the best minis, as you can see from the crease down her back).  I would have painted her a lighter skin tone so the mark would stand out better if I realized that earlier.  I chose green for her since a nice yellow/orange color was already taken by one of the other minis I painted for this game and I wanted unique player colors.  Likewise, I chose white for the crusader because all the good colors were taken and I could see him as a paladin type.  
      Hopefully I don't get any more minis for this game because I'm running out of unique player colors.  
    • By Glitterwolf
      Time to paint another bust.
      This one is from El Greco 1:12th scale and comes in a nice tin.
      A depiction of a seasoned Crusader.
      I will paint him as a Knight Hospitaller instead of the often seen Knight Templars.
      This means mine will have a Black Cape, A Red Surcoat and a White Cross.

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