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Jade Green and Seven Dwarfs: 60184: Meyanda, Android Priestess and a bunch of dwarfs as Exalted Jadeborn

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10 hours ago, robinh said:

ohhh god!   these are masterpieces!  :wub:


Wow, thanks!


Did some mixed greens today. Mostly Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber and Ultramarine Blue, brightened up with a bit of Phthalo Blue and Hansa Yellow Opaque, but pretty dull for all that. Good for shadows. Then lightened it up with more Yellow Ochre and Titanium White for olive highlights.







Bright greens are mixed Phthalo and Ultramarine Blues and Hansa Yellow Opaque. They are still less bright than pure Phthalo Greens, so this dwarf's crystal still looks glowy:





Lightened that up with more Hansa Yellow Opaque and Titanium White and painted some highlights on Meyanda, Android Priestess:







Happy birthday to me! Thanks for looking!



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Added some reds and paler pinks to Meyanda. The red is Red Oxide and I added some Titanium White for the pinks.





And more:







Then I mixed a dark transparent green from Phthalo Green and Burnt Sienna and glazed it over her. Note how the very pink armored glove on her left hand suddenly looks good and metallic with just a wash of green.


I also mixed a chartreuse by adding Hansa Yellow Opaque to my green mix and added some highlights.







I pushed the green glaze farther, and the yellow-green highlights, going to pure Hansa Yellow opaque in a few places (like her flowerlike ray gun).










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I'm not sure what I did on the Oathsworn Dwarf Princess. I definitely touched up the red gem on her necklace. I think I may have adjusted her eyes a bit too.


Basically, she is done.



I worked on some soft, dull browns and fawns, mostly based on Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, and Titanium White, with the odd bit of Burnt Sienna or Red Oxide.


Kara Foehunter's crossbow:





The Stonehaven Dwarf's staff and bag and boots:





A bunch of stuff on the Oathsworn Dwarf (who also gets blue sleeves):






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I took some of the chartreuse green I had mixed for Meyanda (Phthalo Green, Burnt Sienna, and a whole lot of Hansa Yellow Opaque) and glazed some over the Stonehaven Dwarf tunic to brighten it up. (But notice the orb still looks glowing by comparison.)


I also laid in shadows on it with the transparent mixed green (Phthalo Green and Burnt Sienna).





I mixed a turquoise color from Phthalo Blue and Titanium White and laid it over her undertunic.






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So this is more or less what I did over the summer, part 1. My computer is acting wonky so updates will come over several posts.


I added some highlights to the Stonehaven Dwarf.

DSC_0642.jpg.d0d2f52d21292db262fe311f7df41066.jpg   DSC_0640.jpg.d2475631c452ffc91371c30f5650d41c.jpg


Added some browns and metallics. I think I might have lost some of the glowing orb effect.

DSC_0759-Stonehaven-Dwarf-metallics.jpg.a9335415c241ee1f63ef9d80c78212ef.jpg   DSC_0760.jpg.eb0330234fdb731a48d1eaa838089b39.jpg


Did a good bit of fiddling with Jade Green (60184 Meyanda, Android Priestess) with natural foliage colors, more olive and organic, and some Phthalo Blue and Titanium White on her gauntlet.



Added some reds. I think these were straight Red Oxide.





I painted the Red Box Dwarf's quilted overtunic red and added some browns and metallics.




Edited by Pingo
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Huh. It appears my computer is fine, it's Comcast and the wi-fi that's wonking out.


[Enraged Captain Kirk voice]: Comcasssssst!!!


And here's Reaper's own 14143, Kara Foehunter: Dwarf Hero sculpted by Werner "Buckles" Klocke.


I love the figure, but I've felt like my painting of her has been unfocused and chaotic. So here's some more chaos:





And then this sort of happened:









I feel like, ehh, it's close enough, and she's the last of the seven dwarfs, and when I squint at her life size she looks pretty okay on the table:



So it might be this project is done. Whew!



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Whoops. wait! I didn't show the last of the Red Box Games dwarf!


So, I added a ... uhm, heck, this is what she looks like now:










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They are a WONDERFUL Band of Adventurers, BEAUTIFULLY painted in your own unique style. All that is missing is a Group Portrait. VERY WELL DONE once more!

Edited by malefactus
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29 minutes ago, malefactus said:

The are a WONDERFUL Band of Adventurers, BEAUTIFULLY painted in your own unique style. All that is missing is a Group Portrait. VERY WELL DONE once more!


Funny you should mention. While you were posting I was processing this group photo of the project.


Without further ado, Here's JADE GREEN AND SEVEN DWARFS (click for a larger image - if I've figured out how to make that work):


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There is something about seeing miniatures in a group that is even more impressive than individual photos. They really are a WONDERFULLY imaginative Gang. 

Thanks for the Portrait. I love it.

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      Hello Reaper brethren,
      So some more Shadowrun tonight, a Female Rigger with Pistol, sculpted by Jim Johnson, that enigmatic sculptor of yore.  I ended up really liking this figure, just general fun, and when I saw her shirt and coat, it reminded me a little bit of a Russian sailor, so tried some stripes on the t-shirt and some kind of dark blue peacoat.  I was really struggling to figure out what color I wanted her boots to be and almost made them bright yellow, but then calmed down and went for a redstone shadow base color.  I of course see all my imperfections and dots of dust but it seems that for the most part, once I've gotten to that part of taking pictures, unless I see something really gawdawful, I'm just not going to do any repainting or touching up.  So here she is in all her lilac haired glory:

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      Here's Sebastian, a knight of some experience from Hasslefree. Well armored and cautious, probably why he's still around. 

      And another, less cautious but equally seasoned adventurer, Conran the Barbarian, also from Hasslefree.

      More pictures: 

      Here he is bonding with the grandkids (Serris, 02997 and Cuth Wolfson, 03701)

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      (Conran is definitely a version of Pratchett's Cohen the Barbarian, who conceded that after a few hours of fighting a ten-thousand-man army he might start getting tired too--but so would his enemies, as they would be running uphill at that point.)
      Fighter and barbarian-thief are a good start, but a well-rounded party should also have an arcanist and a healer. Jos Gebbler, 14317, and Estra,  60198, seem like good fits. A combined three centuries of adventuring experience pays off!

      But there are threats yet older than they...

    • By 72moonglum
      Good evening all you Reaper hooligans!
      So another figure finished, this time a Ral Partha Shadowrun Female Detective, sculpted by Dave Summers, probably latter eighties to early nineties.  Kind of difficult with the eyes because they were small little balls, but otherwise, pretty okay with how she turned out. Gun a little too blue, but probably won't ever fix that I'm guessing.  I kind of like this figure because she's from their Shadowrun line, but she could easily be any normal, modern detective gal. I tried to do very a mild colored blouse, pinkish, with a grey skirt and jacket.  This is also the first time I've worked on pantyhose, so let me know what you guys think. It was after painting her legs as normal skin color, I did some washes of first storm grey, then Dark elf skin shadow, and then finally black.

      Anyhow, let me know what y ou think about the pantyhose and hope you enjoy!
    • By deathly halliwell
      Hi folks, 
      I recently painted up the dark dwarves (and Margara, dwarf shaman) as some duergar. Heavily inspired by Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic duergar streams for the skin. 
      Only one picture, but may take more if there's interest. :)


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