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77160: Judas Bloodspire, Vampire


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Party Cleric: "Be gone you foul abomination, I banish thee in the name of my Goddess, Selune, for all eternity!"


Judas Bloodspire: -after a brief moment of silence- "Indeed..."



Great mini! Let those players suffer and taste the torment of eternal woe! ^_^ 

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Awesome !

I love his Aristrocratic appearance!


*** Looks at the party entering his Castle***


*** Sigh***


*** More lowlifes trying to get rich quick...***


***Turns to his consort, excuse me my dear I need to clear this place of some vermin, I'll be right back!***

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I love the way you painted Judas, and especially appreciate your admiration of him.

I to thought ho hum when I started painting him, then I landed up doing three in total.

Each one being more different than the previous.  Great Fun, and that cloak is incredible.

I also applied a nail clipper to the too long sword tip.  It worked !

Thanks for sharing it.


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