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Painting Frustration

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Here you go TS.


Thank you, Gus! I actually forgot that little webpage was still sitting out there.


Anyway, if anyone wants the quickie version...Illinois/Midwest Mini Painters Society. IMMPS. It also now includes Lord Baasen and Ghostrider and eastman, officially. We meet on Fridays for the most part at Comic Quest. Space is limited, but we try to squeeze everyone in who shows up.


We're not a workshop, we're not a class. We're a civilized bunch trying to paint in a warm, creative, welcoming atmosphere while listening to the gamers discuss the new store lobster, "Pinchy". :wacko:

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Now that I live in Palatine I may start showing up there.

If that's ok with the peeps there

Welcome to the NorthWest side. I am on the other side of the Arlington Heights from Palatine.

Thanx, maybe we can hook up and throw some paint around sometime.

Once I get everything unpacked and settled in I'll have a 2.5 car(The garage is my room::D: ) resin casting and model shop set up with gaming table(s).


This weekend I'll be at DucKon with paints and CAVs of course

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