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A few more pictures...   


First is a trail on the way up to a nearby mountain....hike_004.thumb.JPG.d4ca660078472ebba2881ccf93da6d7e.JPG


and for the ladies, some flowers.


These small flowers were found at above 700MoH.  

The nook they're in is sheltered from the worst of the weather, and is probably also free of snow quite early.

(soon after the soon begins to heat the large rock)

And today...   

I headed out again to a mountain slightly closer to home.


This picture was taken about 45 minutes into the hike.

Yes, the goal is the top all the way up to the left. 


The view from the top... 


The ridge I followed up is just about in the middle of the picture.


And here's the ridge seen from above...




It's NOT a nice part of the trail if the wind hits you from the side.  

(I was lucky today, it was head on on my way up, and in my back on the way down.) 

What isn't immediately obvious is that there's a trail to the right of the first rocky crags, you don't have to balance precariously on top of them. 

The trip was 4.5Km or so,  one way, and took me 2 Hours up, and 1Hour 45Minutes on the way down. 


And yes, I'll be really feeling it tomorrow... 


To end it, here's a picture I took at a local beach earlier this year. 


It's so much easier to take pictures unhindered when there's no one else there... 


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Took a short hike today(8Km in total, mostly on good tractor roads) and found a place that I just had to share...  


This little cabin was at the end of the trail,


Not very large, no. 

But it's cozy, and it's OPEN. Just remember to take off your boots when you enter. 

The half-circle metal box on a pole is where the log book is stored. 

Yes, the plates hanging on the front of the cabin are 'rosepainted'.   


There's benches just behind where I stood when I took the picture.


To the left of the picture there's a small stream, and this pond;


The signs points to trails leading to other places of interest such as cabins, cliffs and lakes.


And the view down the valley;



(I'm standing next to the box with the logbook)


Since this place is barely 6Km from my home, odds are that I'll visit it again... and again... 

With a camera and a packed lunch... 


If anyone wonders; the cabin is made of wood, the rocks are just attached to the outside. 


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Today, which is probably the hottest day of the year, I spent 6 hours in a car without working AC(Nope, not my car. It never had an AC, This car, though, was supposed to have one... )  to a location known as Hoel Farm, next to lake Mjosa. The farm is from the late 1700s, and from what I understand, it has been in use continuously since then.


The main building.

My room is on the upper floor...  


I may upload a few more pictures later...  


Tomorrow one of my cousins is getting married in the nearby church (from 1250),

I should probably take a few pictures then...

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A comment in the Randomness thread reminded me that I have some video footage, so I uploaded it to YouTube...




Filmed with a horrible Chinese dashcam(No, I never found out how to get rid of the logo... ) in August while driving to visit my sister. 

Yes, the road is as narrow as it looks...  

At least they upgraded it that summer, and fixed the worst damage.

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On an island outside of Stavanger there's a little garden...  

('Flor og Fjøre' it's called, if anyone wants to google it.)   


I was in Stavanger on a 3day gathering of Nerds(Part of IT in my organisation).   

The first evening we went out to a turkish restaurant. There we learned that the person had misunderstood, and had bookes us sometime in July.   

They did manage to clear enough tables, in one corner to seat 17 nerds together, in just 10 minutes, though, so...    

I can recommend everything at 'Pascha' It smells divine, and tastes better...    


On the evening of the second day we took the boat out to the gardens.  

A lot of the plants there are in very large planters, and are wheeled into an enormous greenhouse in the winter. 

But in the summer, that greenhouse doubles as a restaurant.   

he fish soup was great, the Halibut wonderful, the sorbet tasty, but I never saw a cup of tea during dessert.   


The rest of the evening was spent walking in the gardens.









They do NOT have a 'don't walk on the grass' rule. Instead they tell you to feel free to walk on the grass. it's why it's there!






The area was considered 'not even good enough for grasslands' by the local farmers bck in the 60s when the owners bought it to set up a cabin.    

The owner planted a lot of spruce around the property to protect it from the wind. Then in the 80s he started building... 

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