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I'm running a Cthulhu game in 2 weeks and I need to come up with a bunch of cheap FEMALE minis fast.  I have no problem finding male figures in suits to use for a 1920's game.  It's suitable female adventurers in normal clothing that are in short supply. 


I'm looking at clix on ebay, since they run about a buck apiece and I found a vendor who mails asap so I'll have time to work on them if they need modding before the game.  What I need help with is identifying female characters.  I just don't know what names to be searching for.  I need ladies in dresses.  


Also, anything cheap out there that passes for a shoggoth? Besides the one Reaper makes? 


Help me, hivemind, you're my only hope. 



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Erf. Buncha cheap female figures in 1920s street clothes. Don't ask much, dooya?

Go to Troll and Toad (or other miniatures retailer of your choice; I use T&T because they're fast, dependable, and cheap) and go to ALL HEROCLIX SINGLES, and scroll down. It will take you a while. If you are prepared to mod them clotheswise, there are a great many females available inexpensively, and they ship quick. They DO have Lois Lane and some other female civilians, as well, but I have no idea how many or how cheap at the moment.

I do not link due to board rules, but I've done plenty of business with them, and mutilated many of their Clix.

EDIT: Go there and look for Lois Lane. Most of her variants have knee length skirts, and sell for half a buck to a buck or so. Load up on those, and use arm and head switches and palette swaps to create entire gynospheres, so to speak.

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27 minutes ago, Dr.Bedlam said:

 and go to ALL HEROCLIX SINGLES, and scroll down. It will take you a while. 

That it what I have been doing, and random luck has been pretty... random.  


28 minutes ago, Dr.Bedlam said:

EDIT: Go there and look for Lois Lane. Most of her variants have knee length skirts,


Lois Lane, gotcha.  I suppose a little putty will fix the skirt length. Otherwise she looks ok. 


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 Also "SHIELD Agent, female", "Maria Hill", and "Lana Lang"... Can't speak to the prices, but they'll be wearing knee-length skirts and jackets or vests.


I've got two Clix that might work. Gimme a few days to poke at em, I'll see what I can do.


 Ack. Scratch that. Simple Green ate their face. (For Science!)


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So, I found Betty Brant, Pepper Potts, Nurse, Harleen Quinzel, Barbara Gordon, Karen Page, Triplicate Girl, Lana Lang, and Jane Foster.  That ought to populate the game map sufficiently. 



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