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29 minutes ago, pogre said:

I have never seen this miniature. You did a marvelous job!

Thanks pogre!  I couldn't tell you off hand, but it's probably already been four or five years since this one was released, and she'd just been in my mountain of metal since then.  I've always wanted to paint her, but I finally took advantage of the fact that I'm working on another half-orc to do their skin tones at the same time, and she was far more simple to paint than the other one, so she got done first!

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15 hours ago, kazmania7 said:

Splendent job on the skin tone ! Might I ask your reciepe? Again lovely work.

Thanks very much!   For half orc skin, I usually start out with Creamy Ivory, then start out with a Pale Olive wash, and then afterwards I think I used some darker greens, Camoflauge green and forest green.  Then after those I think I used the dark elf skin color, then a dark shadow, then after that dark elf shadow and lastly walnut brown.  After that I did a highlight layer of Creamy Ivory and finally white.


I was looking at the photos last night of the eyes and I'm really not too happy with them, so this morning I woke up early to try to work on them a bit.  I wanted to take pictures but it's too cloudy right now, need to get some sun, so hopefully tomorrow.



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So I did a little edit on top, because I wasn't satisfied with her eyes and still not satisfied really but can't dwell on her forever. Here is an updated version in case you missed it above:




No idea if anybody can tell a difference or not or if anybody even cares....


drives me crazy though!

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