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I wouldn't feel humbled at all. You swung for the fences, and I think you had more hits than misses on this one.


In particular, I think your successes include:

-The cloth of gold fabric on the skirt is amazingly well done

-The staff is nicely conceived and fits the mini well

-Your lining is very tidy


I'm always glad that I see I still have lessons to learn when I'm done with a mini - it means I've understood something new I need to work on. In a way, it's like painting your first few minis... the rate of improvement from one mini to the next (heck, from one brush stroke to the next,) is greater than I have today painting a dozen minis.

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This is one of my favorite DSMs! The fact that you feel ready to paint one of these is an achievement in itself; a lot of the DSMs intimidate the heck out of me even now!


I think you've done some nice work here.


I think your whites are very nice; the skirt and arm wrap look great, they have some good contrast between light and shadow, and still read as white (which is always the struggle when painting white).


I also think you did a great job on the skin of her arms and chest.


The skin on her abs is a little blotchy, I think the highlights aren't blended as well as on her chest. 


Her shirt and her face look less highlighted than her chest, so there's some dissonance there. It's a good general rule (often meant to be broken, but break it on purpose!) that your mini's face should be the brightest part of your mini, as this will draw attention to it. In this case, some highlights on her cheeks and forehead would go a long way.


It's a strong piece, you put some really great work in on it... Now it's time for the next one!

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