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Knarthex Experiments, and seeks advice...

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On 3/9/2018 at 10:01 PM, knarthex said:



Back when I first joined the forums, I found a thread about a certain Goblin painting a limited edition Ral Partha figure that I happened to own, but had been sitting in a box for 15-20 years due to the 'I'm not good enough' syndrome....


Well I decided that I Was Good Enough and set to work, as chronicled by this

so as at the time of being a noob arround here, I was very encouraged by the multiple responses that I got....

such as:


On 3/9/2018 at 10:27 PM, knarthex said:



these were some of the responses and replies....


and the thought struck me as funny, if I could do a diorama, of myself painting Takky, with some of the people cheering me on.....


So in 2015, I started collecting minis for this....


For @ub3r_n3rd

02414, and 02529, not sure which would be better WITH POM POMS instead of weapons...

(02414 leads for me)


For @Chaoswolf and @Glitterwolf

01618 and 02747


And the @buglips*the*goblin from 02481 3rd guy from the left...


For myself, The new Matthias from Hasslefree, to be painted, of course, as a Drow




But I have a few issues....


@Pezler the Polychromatic and @vegascat were also very vocal in their support, but picking minis for them is not so clear cut...


and the miniature Takky that I will have to make.....




Also, what should the setting be????


Guess the pom poms that I sculpt should be Green, White and Black, as those are the Dark Heaven colors....




Hope I can get back in the groove again....

So there's the explanation for my lunacy...


So tonight I dug out a Reaper Dolly, and made up some green, made little balls around the dolly's 'hands' and started pushing and poking trying to make some Cheer leader pom poms....


after maybe 10 or 15 minutes, this is what I had:






So I am  left with things that look kinda like his hands are either fireballs, or infant Intellect devourers chewing on his arms....:blink:


I used a fine dental pick to try and make lines that were NOT straight....


Maybe paint would help?


I then had a thought as I typed this....


@buglips*the*goblin commented once that when making 'broccoli bases, poke them again and again, then when you thing you are done, poke them 3 or 4 more times....


I also thoght that maybe a 'finer' tool would help, so I grabbed an old paint brush, and after cutting the head from a straight pin, glued it into the ferrule...



then I tried to go over the figure's left pom pom to see if either or both of those would help...






So here's a shout out to all the putty masters out there for some help!





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While not a expert, I think your ends need to be a little more cut up. Even with these at rest, you can still see the individual strips & such:




They look pretty good thou.

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You could cut strips of shiny foil into thin rectangles and glue them on after the fact to get the effect you're looking for.


If you're set on doing it in GS though, I would say roll out the green stuff into strips, cut them into rectangles, and apply them as one or two layers thick over a ball over the hands.

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To me, it looks like you are poking too deep into the putty. You could represent them by forming little balls of putty and poking just the tiniest of holes all over...


OR you could actually make fuzzy pom poms, if you want:


For 28 mm pom poms I'd probably make a fork out of some strong wire like is used for sculpting...but the point is to wrap them a bunch of times, tie around the middle, and cut the two edges. 

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  • Moderator

You are doing too much at once.  First, form the rough shape of the pompoms, sans about 1-2 mm from the final shape.  Then once cured, add a 1-2 mm layer around the hard base and smooth it to form a smooth layer.  Starting at the bottom, tease down the putty to drag out the individual strands, straight down.  then working up the sides, us a pointy tool with an edge and cut short strokes, inserting the point a couple mm up and then sharply pulling out and down with the edge. Repeat around the circumference in a row  of strokes.  Then when done move up the ball a couple mm and repeat.  Do this until you are at the crown rotating around a point.  Then go back and fluff the ends and add variability.


If this doesn't make sense, let me know and I will do this tonight.  It won't take me more than a few minutes to pull this together as a tutorial.

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So this may be one of the worst tutorials in the history of tutorials.  For some reason the camera did not want to focus on this little ball.


1. Start with a ball about 2mm less in diameter than you want he final to be and let is harden.





2. Roll a ball and flatten it into a 1 mm thick sheet.  Use an old hotel card coated in Vaseline to make this easy.





3. Apply the sheet around the hard ball, adhering it and smoothing it.  I used my fingers and clay shapers for this step. (Sorry for the non in process shot; I forgot to take pictures until the step was done, mostly because I was also demoing this live on Hangouts.)





4. Determine which side you want the streamers to be streaming.  If currently moving, they will be trailing the movement.  If resting they will be down, if finished thrusting, they will shoot out.  On that side. stick a flattened pointy tool into the putty and flick it out in short little strikes, pulling out tufts.





5. Move up the ball about 3 mm, and insert the tool into the putty and cut/pull in the direction of the flow, flicking it at the end of the stroke.  Continue this in a ring around the ball until it looks like bald guy with a fringe.







6. Move up another 3 mm and make another layer. Repeat until you are circling a center point.


IMG_E3013.JPG.cc83dc82fe18ca7e26a8e09ae497faea.JPG IMG_E3018.JPG.299c6d91fed90cfb38513bffc2c9b94b.JPG


7. Go over the hole pom pom and a bit of chaos, adjusting things here and there for realism.



For those interesting, this is also how I make long fur.

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So tonight I made up some new balls of stuff, and put them on the dollie's arms to dry for tomorrow...




I also made, (Kinda....) a tool like Andy's....


I got a piece of very stiff wire, held it in a pair of pliers, and pounded it flat at the tip for about 3/8" or so,

(Using the anvil on the back of my bench vice, and a 4 lb hammer) This caused the metal to split at the tip, like a fishtailed brush...

then tried to shape it with the dremel tool...

Not the right tool in this instance, as I ground it too flat....


So back to the garage for the soldering torch and some Mapp Gas...

Heated it up, red hot, and then pounded it flat with a framing hammer,  much better control with that!


I then shaped it on a grind stone that came with an X Acto set I have...


Grabbed an old paintbrush, drilled out the ferrule, and super glued it together...





I polished it a little with a buffing wheel on the dremel...





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 One thing to remember...


Since the pom-pom is a collection of strands of material affixed to a handle, it's going to behave a lot like long, thick hair or fur would, like Andy said. If you have an old string mop or something similar at home, you can use it for a reference model - take the handle off or hold it by the head, and wave it around to see how it behaves in motion, and how the strands would behave while at rest.


When first putting the ball of putty on the character's hands, think about how the pom-poms are gong to be moving - depending on which way they're supposed to be going, it's quite likely that they're not going to be covering the guy's hands entirely to the wrist all the way around. Whichever direction the hand is moving, the majority of the pom-pom is going to be trailing behind it on the side opposite the direction of motion.

Which means that the original structural ball of putty is going to be at least slightly off-center on his hands.


Imagine that he's swinging around a pair of Pacman ghosts by the inside of their head where their brain would be.... ::D:


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I hobbied!


Tried to follow @TaleSpinner's tutorial, and attempted to sculpt the 'skins' on the pom poms on the dolly....




So I had a devil of a time getting the skins to hold onto the balls, but finally got to the point I was satisfied for the trial run....

The way I tried to do them was the figure's left hand is punching out, while the right is pulling back....


Still needs a bit of refinement, and they are WAY to big in my opinion...

think I will carve them off and try again to see if I can do better....


Going to need to cut the stuff of Buglips and Ub3r and try again too....


Anybody have any idea as to why I am having such a problem getting the stuff to adhere to previously added stuff, or the bare minis??


Kinda driving me nuts....


thanks for peeking

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      The main model, PzKpfw IV Ausf. J, is almost 25 years old. I got this model when I was a kid, and I painted it thickly using email colours, but I never assembled it. Last August, when I moved, I found the model and gave it an overhaul, and when February arrived, I took my time to paint it, do the figures and the diorama.
      As always: If you like what you see, and you have nothing more to say, leave a like as a nod to my participation in the forums. I don't need "nice", "cool", "excellent" or "awesome", because those words are used way too frequently to mean anything.













      When I have got time, I need to get some plywood to cover the outside of the diorama, but, to be honest - I am way too lazy to do it now. lol.
      Check my Instagram page for other work, if you like:

    • By knarthex
      Due to Brain Weasels and other Real Life Issues, I haven't been doing much, really almost no, fantasy painting...
      One of the things I have been doing is looking at old WIPs, and suddenly the desire to paint a DRAGON, came over me....
      So here is the start of my new work on Cinder, #10014, in METAL...
      Hopefully, I can keep up the sudden burst of enthusiasm....
      So planning on mold line hunting, and trying to decide what color to paint this dragon...
      As I am old school, the webbing between the back spines is leading me to green, but need to check the books to see which way to go....
      About time you returned from the place I couldn't reach you minion......
      OMG, please not again....

      any and all comments gratefully ignored....
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