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77408: Athak, Undead Knight

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Wonderful work! You’ve got the colours and placement down really well for the NMM. I would work the contrast just a touch more - both a step or two darker and a step or two brighter up to pure white. Really high contrast is what sells the shine on NMM so you really want those bright glinty spots. Keep working on your blending as well and you’re going to be nailing NMM in no time!


What paints did you use for his cloaks? I really like those colours a lot. I think you nailed your objective to paint a convincing bad guy in non-traditional bad guy colours. Overall it’s a beautiful colour scheme. 


That’s also a great looking gem and I’m going to disagree with you on the OSL - I think you did well with the glow part, what it’s missing is the source of the light which should be the brightest point to show where the glow is coming from. So instead of having black on the very insideof the visor, you’d want probably a near white colour, if not pure white. It is a small area to work with and it’s a tricky effect to get right in general but I think if you play with it a bit more, you’re going to pick it up. 

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13 hours ago, Guindyloo said:

What paints did you use for his cloaks?

The blue-green is a mix of Reaper's MSP Peacock Green for shadows, Model Color Blue-Green for base, and a mystery bottle of a very light aqua from Reaper. The model color paint was used to normalize the colors with a glaze.

The burgundy is MSP Burgundy Wine, Violet Red, and Pale Violet.


Thanks for the advice - I'll see what I can incorporate to improve it. ::D:

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He looks great and I really like your color choices.


I think one easy, quick thing that will improve your photos, is a different background. If you go to Massive Voodoo, they have some free printable backgrounds. You'll be amazed at how much better your mini will look. You've done such a nice job painting him!

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