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Adrenaline is a board game made to simulate a first person shooter, sort of.  From left to right we have Dozer, Sprog (he's from Texas), Violet, :D-Struct-Or, and Banshee.  I still need to put some sealer on, but I wanted to take pictures before that. 


I'm not too happy with how :D-Struct-Or came out.  He's a case of, stop before you aren't happy with the final product.  However because I did him first, I was more sparing with the others and I think they came out ok.  Good enough to look nice on the table top.  


Thematic paint used (left to right):  Military Grey, Alien Ooze, Witchcraft Purple, Beacon Yellow, Maggot White (its hard to be thematic with an alien octopus woman)


Bonus Thematic Paint:  Violet's hair is MSP SAMPLE PINK, which I hate using because there is a limited supply, but it always wants to be used.  I'm torn!



2018-03-14 12.04.09.jpg

2018-03-14 12.05.27.jpg

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Nice bunch!


Paint is meant to paint with, even when it is a rare sample.

I use my samples as well.


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      Well, looks like Hasbro is doing their own version of a kickstarter for a new release of one of the all-time classics.  I don't know if their site for the crowdfunding would be considered as a commercial site, but I'm sure it will be easy enough to find.  I'm in!
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      Adrenaline is a fast paced* board game emulating a first person shooter**.  You go around picking up weapons and ammo and firing them at your opponents.  A neat aspect of the game is that, the more someone dies, the less they are worth, so there is more incentive to go after the people who die less.  Also, the more injuries you take, the more you can do, hence the name.  
      The expansion for Adrenaline (called a DLC to say on theme) adds another mini, character specific weapons, increases the player count and adds team play options. 
      Echo, the new figure for the DLC.  
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      *It is actually more of an slow paced, resource management game, where your resources are different types of ammo.
      **Yes it can't ACTUALLY be a first person shooter since you aren't viewing the board game from the mini's perspective, but you get the idea.  
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