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Auberon Finally Starts Painting One of His Garage Kits

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You got my interest. I really like your style of painting and it matches what I am trying to achieve.


I will follow your thread now. I will follow close. I am still not sure if I will sit here all night, but for now, I will just look at the great progress.

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There's not a whole lot of progress, mostly because I can't decide on one of my colors.  Also, I've discovered that sitting her down for pics has rubbed a small spot off on her hair.  It will be an easy fix (especially given that it will be somewhat hidden) but I've taken to sitting her on my masters soap container instead.  There was also a bit of paint transfer from her hair to her face.  Not a big deal given than once the hair is attached it will cover all of those spots, but I've decided to keep the pieces separate until I finally assemble her head, just in case it would transfer somewhere important.


I know that I want the metal parts of her outfit to be gold and I plan to make the gems green, which leaves me one color to pick.  Red is a traditional choice but I don't believe it will work well with her hair.  Black is also a popular choice, but who wants to look like everyone else?


First, using ochre to block in the gold areas over white primer gives an idea of a gold/white look. 




White could work, but I was curious to see how purple would look.  I'm not really enamored with it.  Obviously it would look better with shadows and highlights




And lastly, just to prove red won't work even though I really like red.  It's just not going to pop as I would like.




So I'm back to leaning towards cold white or black.

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18 hours ago, Geoff Davis said:

Have you considered a blue-green?  The colour behind your photos of her look like a really good compliment.


Actually I hadn't.  With my idea of green gemstones I wasn't planning on anything else having a greenish hue, but now that you mention it jade would also be an appropriate material.  Thanks!


The only downside is that IIRC the jade paints I currently own are fairly translucent so I'll need to plan how to cover up the other colors with minimal layers.  For such a big mini it has some shallow detail in spots.

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I've gone from red to blue-green.  I won't get any painting done tomorrow but hopefully Saturday I can get a nice long session in and see how it all looks with shadows highlights and midtones.  If it all looks good it will finally be time to start finishing areas off.



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Honestly, on the hair bit - I'd picture it as being held up by a wireframe - that type of thing is done to get those hair styles in women's fashion. Basically, imagine a hoopskirt under wire but for her hair. Anyway, she's looking great; the metallic hair feels too unnatural to me.

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Ah right, I'd forgotten about this.  So my big painting session never happened because I got invited to a DnD game.  The DM likes minis but doesn't own any (of course :rolleyes:) so I've made the switch from fun to practical gaming painting.  Maybe I'll make a WIP for that, or maybe not, but either way this little lady is going back into her protective box for a bit.


As for the hair, they do sell dynastic Chinese costume pieces and an image search will bring up a lot of options to look at.  The sculptor is from Taiwan I believe and the influence is pretty obvious.  Of course in the real world they use wire and other materials to shape the hair, but she's fantasy so I'm not limited to reality.  ::P:  Also the fox spirit has horns shaped in such a way as the hair mimics them.  The current planTM is to do a similar style for both.

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As for me, I consider Chinese hairdo to be the most beautiful in the world.  So many different styles and types. And all of them radiate elegance.


Not having one, though. Not enough hair.

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*Dusts off thread*


Since it had been awhile I decided to move onto a new part before going back to the head and messing up a paint combination.  The PlanTM was to use her right leg as a handle while I painted the skin, but it tapers down to a small enough diameter that it was actually not that nice to hold on to.  Instead I decided to try out my stand after wrapping her leg in some fabric.  It holds her upright...



flips down...




and flips the other way...




Plus I can pick it up and use it as handle.  The base weighs a couple of pounds but that's no worse than a big metal mini.  With that out of the way started to block in some shadows and highlights, but the highlights were too much.  Looking at her head I had used that color sparingly and mostly highlighted with an intermediate tone.  I'm just working on the legs for the moment.  Her upper torso is only basecoated, no matter how the lighting might make it look.




So after working on the shadows for awhile on her right leg I ended up with this. It's rather annoying because the transition that shows up on camera is barely viable under my painting lights. 510144890_EvilFox26.thumb.jpg.f43933d569143d575b6dede07414666b.jpg


After blindly poking at something I really can't see for a bit I started on the highlights.  I started smoothing from the center to her left on the raised leg and added a highlight on her right leg.  At that point I ran out of midtone on my pallet and decided to call it a day.  That transition needs a bit of smoothing, but it's not too bad.




Also, the purple experiment needs to become green.  After a few passes of Reaper's Forest Green most of the purple is covered.  After I took this pic I went and found my ocher.  Going over those parts again got rid of most of the visible purple.  I'll give it another pass of green tomorrow and then highlight it. 



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    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      As my first airbrush attempt on the Roman centurio was halted by the fact that the figure is so small, I decided to use a different figure, which would be ... bigger.
      So in Japan I got me a number of garage kits. One of them was a figure of a nun or mage (I don't know the figure, so I have no idea) and as it was some kind of a miscast or so, I got it for the cheap price of around 6 Euro.
      She's big enough to do some airbrush work. And as I want to train airbrushing, I don't want to ruin my first attempt by choosing wrong colours or too difficult painting concepts.

      NO! I really mean it! Gimme some colours, people.
      Oh, yeah - That's the figure:




    • By Auberon
      for a 5E game.  That's about all I can do for my WIP's theme after only one session.  Mostly it will be monsters.  Maybe I can convince the DM to tell me what's coming so I can paint it.   These are just for tabletop, but my philosophy is you should still try something new on every piece, or at least work on getting better at something you can already do.  Which is why I started a WIP I wasn't even originally going to bother with - for an experiment.
      I was looking at the marsh troll and thinking "this would be a good candidate for glaze painting."  Now if you aren't familiar with glaze painting, it is where you prime white and then add washes/glazes of progressively darker colors.  It creates your midtone and shadows, then you go back in and add back the highlights.  You can do it for anything but it is ideal for textures.  Now Bones are white, but you can't just go over them with diluted paints.  Liner works well to prime, but then the mini is no longer white.  But wait, I have a large bottle of white craft paint that I used for some terrain.  What if I prime with liner, give it a heavy drybrush so the highlights are white again, and then glaze paint?
      Step 1: Brown liner + a heavy drybrush of white craft paint.

      Step 2: Green skin starts with yellow paint.  Here is a potential issue - the liner shifts the shadows to green.  As I want green skin this isn't an issue but it would be if I wanted my final color to be yellow.  I am also trying not to be messy as I would need to make any messes white again later.

      Step 3: Sap green diluted to a wash.  Now the skin is greenish.

      Step 4: A second wash of sap green in the shadows to add more depth.

      Step 5: His highlights are still pretty yellow in hand so I made a wash of anthraquinone blue.  It will make the yellow more green and further darken the shadows.

      Oh, I hit his front too.  It was really blue so I started the color shift with some phthalocyanine green ink.

      Interlude: Lem.  Needed for a PC.  Must be finished by Friday.  The troll is optional.

      Step 6:  All leather was hit with a couple of layers of burnt umber ink.

      Step 7:  The wood was coated with a mix of burnt umber ink and titanium white.  Some of the liner still shows through so the initial color is a little wonky in places.  Maybe it'll add texture to the wood....

      Step 7: Shade the wood.  Initially I used a burnt umber ink wash, but it wasn't intense enough and would end up  looking like the leather after a few more washes.  So I used the obvious wood shadow color, dioxazine purple ink watered down to a wash.

      From the front.  His belly got a wash of the burnt umber ink while it was out.  A couple more and it would turn olive, but maybe I'll leave it bluish.  While multiple washes have smoothed it out you can still see texture from the drybrush showing through.  It's an interesting effect here but won't always be desirable.

      Step 8: Call it a night and go to bed.  I have to work and make money after all.  We can't paint all the time.    Next update - unknown.  I really do need to finish the halfling bard before I play around anymore.
    • By Auberon
      As some of you may have read elsewhere, I have been playing Village Attacks and painted the vampire.  When I did I kept close to the concept art because I figured if I ever get someone else to play they'll be looking at the game cards, so the minis should look like what the player expects.  When I looked closely at more of the cards though, it became apparent there was a bit of a problem.  The monsters all have inhumanly pale skin and generally dark color schemes.  The peasants look drab as well. While that is cool as concept art, having a couple 20 minis on the table that are all kind of muted colors is going to blend together more than I would like so a new plan is needed.  That is to stick close to the concept art, but make everything a little more vibrant.  I figure as slowly as I'll be painting these there will be plenty of time to stop for pics, so why not a thread. 
      Next I'll be working on the banshee, but first a bit of background.  You see there is another mini I would like to pull down off of the shelf of shame and work on but it has a problem.  I want to paint part of it jade, but the jade paint I have kind of sucks.  I like the color, but the paint itself is super shiny and too translucent.  So I picked up Reaper's cool green triad to try out.  The color swatch showed me Reaper's Jade wasn't quite what I wanted, but real jade comes in several variations of green.  I'll find a use for it somewhere.
      Here's a sampling of some of the greens that I have.  You can see the Reaper Jade 09015 is nothing like the VGC Jade 72026, but real Jade comes in both flavors so it's fine.  I have a plan, but first I want to try the Triad out on its own just to see how it looks.

      Enter the banshee.  Her concept art has her is a very desaturated garment with some green accents.  The new cloth color will instead be the Reaper Triad and then put the green accents beside them.  She will be very green. First 09013.  I had originally painted the cloth but decided to texture the base before I went any further.  It was messy and got some grit on her.  I wasn't very thorough in removing it.

      Next is 09014.  I just blocked it in to see what it looked like.  It is noticeably warmer than the shadow color.  At first it seems to stand out but...

      Once the jade is slapped on it really falls back into the shadows, as you can see below.  My highlighting here isn't exactly accurate, but that's why we call it tabletop. There should be a step between 09014 & 09015 that I'll have to mix at some point.  Under normal lighting the green just goes from dark to jade.

      Actually if you look at the colors there is another problem.  This triad has no pop.  Fortunately pop is easy.  It's called VMC Ivory and solves (almost) all your contrast needs.  Here it's actually mixed with the jade to create a highlight that will actually stand out.
      Just remember your painting lesson for today.  VMC Ivory = POP and eliminates those pesky "more contrast" comments.

      Given that the real purpose here is to learn the triad, I'll be going back to refine things later and see how I can get it to look.  Before that though I want to block in everything else so my green has something to work with.
      That though, is a project for tomorrow.
    • By Pingo
      Best wishes for a happy birthday!
    • By Pingo
      :bday: A happy belated birthday to you,     and my sincere apologies for flaking out yesterday ! :bday:
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