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3D printable Sci-Fi Tanks by Duncan 'shadow' Louca Kickstarter

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got a 3D printer, or access to a friends, or one at a library or university this might be for you


With this project I will be bring you a collection of Sci-Fi Vehicles and Artillery to be used in whatever tabletop game you choose. With more vehicles being added as stretch goals are hit. All sculpts will be supplied as 3d printable STL files.

Why am I doing this project?

My passions are sculpting, 3d printing and wargames. I wanted to be able to field the sort of armys I wanted without breaking the bank. So I started sculpting the sort of models I needed. After sculpting quite a range I decided to bring it to Kickstarter to enable me to further expand the range.

I have a Patreon page were I produce sculpts for my backers each month as well as a website where you can see some of my past work. So you can be sure I have the knowledge required to deliver printable files, and can be trusted to deliver them in a time frame.

Patreon: www.patreon.com/Duncan_shadow

Website: https://www.duncanshadow.com

Scale: The default scale of my files is 32mm / 28mm Heroic, but Being 3D Files they can be scaled up or down.

What do I get?

As soon as the kickstarter has ended and funds cleared you will receive 3d Printable files in a stl format. You can print as many of the figures on your home printer as you want, or send the files to a external printer to do the printing for you.

The kickstarter includes 7 vehicles 1 walker and 2 artillery pieces, with extra weapon options, (see below) to start with, more sculpts being unlocked in the near future.



Main battle tank comes with multiple turret, hull and sponson guns.



TERMS AND CONDITIONS. When you contribute to This campaign, you will receive STL files for the models as per your selected pledge. The pledge files will be delivered May 2018, with successful stretch goals arriving later. You can print these files for your personal use, but you may not sell the printed items for profit or distribute the digital 3D models/files to other parties.

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One of those tanks looks surprisingly like a Leman Russ...  But like a tank actually SHOULD look like, instead of "hey, look at our exposed tank treads that are exposed all around"...  The flame tank looks rather looks to the Hellhound, and the APC looks pretty close to the Chimera as well, but with tweaks... 


Hmm.  Wonder if auperheavies like the Baneblade are on the docket too... 

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update time, they're doing well


"Thanks everyone for making this project a amazing success already, and the campaign has barely begun. Hit 7 stretch goals so that's an extra 7 sculps everyone on the commander level tiers will get files for. Lets hope this keeps up so even more sculpts can be added :) 

Would really appreciate it if people could share the project with friends and people they think might be interested.  

Thank you all so much. 

Stretch goals
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