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First time to reaper con!

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I haven't been on the forums in a while so hi again all!  So I'm finally in a situation where me and my wife will be able to make it to reapercon and have already booked the room. My post here is what are some of the highlights, how does it all work things like that really looking forward to going! 

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OK I've got some time this morning so I'll lay some stuff out there for you.  It will be disjointed, but it's free advice.


I've been to a couple of ReaperCons, one at the hotel and a couple at the convention center.  No one has been to the new venue so some of the info/advice may not apply.  Also, Reaper is constantly tweaking things, so some things may change.  We won't know until Reaper releases the details.


1. While the con runs from Thursday to Sunday, Reaper does normally hold a Meet and Greet (in the past a Meat and Greet with BBQ or pizza) on Wednesday night.  Also, many people stay Sunday night and fly out on Monday.  (disclaimer, I am one of these people usually).


2. You will not be able to do everything.  There is not physically enough time (or class slots) to do everything.  Don't overschedule your self.  That said, there are some things that you will want to make sure you get to.  I'll break them down below.


2a.  Factory tour- a shuttle takes you to the factory/Asylum (Reaper Store).  Members of Reaper will take you on a guided tour of the facility (offices, mold/casting area) showing you the production process and giving you a history lesson of the company.  You will also be able to peruse painted mini gallery.  This usually takes 1.5-2 hours.  The shuttle leaves a couple of time per day, so listen for the announcements.  In the past there have been various reasons when one of the scheduled trips didn't happen (mechanical difficulties and what not) so don't leave the trip for the last minute.


2a (cont).  Bin shopping.  At past Reapercons, Reaper has graciously allowed attendees to shop the bins at the factory.  You can grab loose pewter from the bins (whole minis, bits, whatever) and put it in a pile.  They will also give you an order sheet so that if there are any pieces that you can't find (bin is empty, or say you want 100 platypods;).  If they have the molds, they will cast it for you.  I have even managed to get special edition figs this way (not things like Doom where they don't have license anymore though).  At the end, they weigh it out, and you pay a per ounce fee for it all (I think it was $6 last year; it changes every year based upon the cost of pewter).  You were able to get an ounce for ounce credit from the melt table.  Which brings us to.....


2b.  The Melt Table: Somewhere, there will be a sturdy metal table.  You bring your unwanted pewter minis (no lead; there is a thread with a list of approved manufacturers.  They weigh your melt, and record your credit in Ounces.  You can then dig though the melt table and rescue any figs you desire.  You bring them up to volunteers running the table and they deduct their weigh from your credit.  If you don't have any/enough credit, you can pay for the rescued minis by weight (it was $1 per ounce last year).  More stuff gets dropped off all the time, so some people spend hours sifting through the table.  After the con, Reaper will melt down all of the remaining minis and turn them into new Reaper minis.


2c.  Classes:  This is the big draw for many people.  I don't have much experience with classes at other cons, but I believe that RCon is one of the biggest venues for painting/sculpting classes.  There is a frenzy when the classes become available, with the most popular one selling out in minutes.  Every year, Reaper brings in more instructors, and more classes, but demand always seem to out strip supply.  Not everything fills up immediately, and I'm pretty sure that there were still some classes available during the Con (people cancel or can't make the Con).  One oft repeated piece of advice is to not overload yourself.  You need time to process what you learn and practice.  A lot of people recommend only taking two classes a day; others take as many as they can (Reaper will put a max limit of classes per person for the con; was it 12 last year?).  But take a class (or 6).  They are great.  I have not had a bad instructor.  I have always learned something new.  I just need to practice more :)


2d.  Games:  There are bunches of games.  Pathfinder Society, Starfinder Society, Adventure League, CAV, one shots, demos of various systems (in the past Guild Ball, Freeblades, Battle for Middle Earth, Frostgrave).  Bunches of stuff.  Last year there were also pinball machines and a board game library.  After hours, there are pick up RPG games at the hotel, and many party style games (Red Lines, Card against Humanity and the like).


2e.  Vendors:  much mini goodness.  Reaper obviously, but in the past, Badger Airbrush, Hanger 18, Secret Weapons, DGS games, terrain manufacturers, Scale 54, Minifig  (lego) vendors, crafters, authors, artists; many many things.  Also, in you sway bag there may again be a punch card good for a free mini from Reaper if you get a punch for visiting each vendor.


2f.  Paint events:  Sophie Says, Speed Paint and so forth.  Sit down in a group and paint a figure with the paints provided.  Depending on the event, you may have to paint during shenanigans.  Much fun.  I recommend doing as many as you have time for.


2g.  Cosplay: get Reaper bucks for showing up in costume (or Reaper Swag)


2h.  Faction Battle:  Through out the con, you will be able to earn points for your "faction".  These are stickers that you can put on any faction's poster.  At the end of the con, the faction with the least points gets retired.  The faction with the most points wins, and if you are a member of that faction (chosen when you register), you get to sign a special book.


2i.  Auction:  There are other topics for this, but the last event of the con is an auction that you can only spend Reaperbucks to bid on.  You earn bucks for events, classes, costumes and various other things.  Lots of people combine bucks to win auctions.  There are various other threads about the auction economy.


Hope this helps.  I'll add more as I think of it.

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Welcome to Thunder Dome!!



Uh...I mean, hello. We dont bite much, hope that's okay. Least not too hard. Its because we care really.


Don't be shy to just walk up to a table of painter and say Hi or grab a seat and chat. We're all here because we love to paint or sculpt or cosplay or secretly stalk our favorite teacher. It varies, ive done a couple of these once.....or twice. 


Honestly, Dilvish's response is far more insightful. 

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2j.  Paint contest:  Open style judging.  Not limited to first, second and third place.  You are judged on the merit of the paint job (or sculpting, bases and mods in the Open category) and awarded a certificate of merit, Bronze, Silver or Gold in the category entered.  Do enter.  It's a great way to see where you stand in the hobby and many people have been very surprised to have won a gold or silver when they thought they were a much worse painter (not me, I've solidly been a Cert painter).  Afterwards you can get feedback from the judges about what worked, what didn't and areas to work on for next time (there is going to be a next time, right?).  Enter something, they can't be worse than the table top jobs I enter every year.


2k.  Talk to the artists.  There is an "Artist's Row" where the sculptors and the painters hang out in between teaching classes.  All of them have stated that they want you to come up to them and ask questions.  Even the ones that are painting and sculpting and wearing optivisors.  They are all quite friendly and helpful (and some may even have art for sale; I bought a lovely print from Jessica Rich last year).


2l.  Free paint/game/whatever area:  Usually in the center of the room, there are a bunch of table that you can sit at, set up your paint area, or play pick up games at.  this is where you can meet your fellow hobbyists and get to know them.  There are groups of people that hangout every year (especially us forumites) but everyone is usually welcoming.  My first RCon, I was taken under the wings of several RCon vets and "shown the ropes".  Feel free to look me up, I'll happily introduce you around.


2m.  Ribbons:  Reaper gives out con ribbons for various things; taking the shop tour, joining a faction, participating in a speed paint and so forth.  Many of the regulars also have ribbons that you can earn by saying hi or doing various other things.  I gave out two different ones last year.  It's a fun game for some to try and collect them all.


2n.  Sunday Forumite Dinner:  There a re a bunch of Forumites that go out to dinner as a group after the Con on Sunday night (if you stay over Sunday night or you have a red eye flight).  Last year there were 30 of us I think.


2o.  Forumite Pictures:  We try and take a forumite picture(s) every year.  It used to be after the award ceremony, then it became after dinner each night of the con.  Now that there aren't meals this year, not sure when it will happen.

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To add to Dilvish's excellent overview, the games are free to play (as are most of the events, minus classes & shopping of course). There will be sign ups posted online. Mainly these are to help you plan your Con schedule out. 


As one of the table GMs I tend to, unless a signed person shows up, to let you in. Also depending on the game, I tend to run my games in 4 hr blocks. 


Also the Con swag bag is one of the best bargains in the business. Depending on how they will structure ticket plans, if you can afford it get the top tier one. It pays for itself. 

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1 hour ago, Crimson_king_of_the_tower said:

I've already planned on getting the vip package the hard pay is going to be divying up my time between things which games I want to attend and whay classes I want to take I thought about the painting contest but over only been seriously practicing for about a month now so I dunno



the things dilvish said about judges comments after the fact are pure gold!!!!!!!

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Out of the...4 I have attended now I am always saying that I will take some time and play a game...but I never do.  Usually 2 classes a day except last year when I did just 1 on Saturday because my daughter was with me all day and we both took Bob's horror base class together.  With her being 7 at the time I could not run off to another class and leave her hanging out at a table.  Well I could have and she may have enjoyed just painting with @MissMelons and others at the table but until we have a better grasp on her allergy issue that is a tough thing to do. We usually go back up on Sunday to check out the auction and say our goodbyes but not sure if I will do that this year.  I will play it by ear.  

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