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Kev!'s 77520: Deep One Servitor

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Nice job!


Deep Ones always remind me of the Squishers of Crackclaw Point, as described by Nimble Dick Crabb:


"They look like men till you get close, but their heads is too big, and they got scales where a proper man’s got hair. Fish-belly white they are, with webs between their fingers. They’re always damp and fishy-smelling, but behind these blubbery lips they got rows of green teeth sharp as needles. Some say the First Men killed them all, but don’t you believe it.  They come by night and steal bad little children, padding along on them webbed feet with a little squish squish sound."


- George R. R. Martin, A Feast for Crows


Martin's world had its own Deep Ones, once upon a time; mayhaps they are one and the same...




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