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Biggest point game


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LOL; try managing several armies equalling 25,500 points.


All right, I'm in tootsie me horn mode.


Alpha Spear (Wild Apaches) - mostly painted

My Wife's unit, combined arms at 25,500; divided into (3) 7500 point task forces


24 CAVs (awaiting 2 Starhawk VI models)

12 Gunships (1/144 scale kitbashed F16s, YF22s, and looking for a10 warthogs)

16 Tanks

16 AFVs (currently proxying Dingos/Outlaws with Poltergeists)


12 APCs (many proxied, m113s or Caiman APCs)

12 HINF stands or sometimes up to 16 LINF stands depending on mission


Charlie Spear (Cherokee Wolf) mostly painted

is arranged the same way, same waits

Awaiting 1 Starhawk VI model, thats it.



Zulu Spear (1st Mfecuni) painting

48 CAVs (Looking to expand with another 16 CAVs) still need about 8 CAVs. decided to nix their air support and incorporate it into Tango.


Tango Spear (Rangers/Special Forces) building

all of this is highly specialized

24 CAVs (currently have one section)

12 Gunships (proxied like the other spears)

12 APCs (proxied)

16 LINF stands

24 AFVs (awaiting order of Stilleto)


Bravo Spear (UTDF War College/ Training garrison) mostly painted

16 CAVs (3 of them, the older Rhinos)

32 Tanks (Roco Minitanks)

16 AFVs (still building up)

12 APCs (M113)

16 LINF stands



Foxtrot Spear (Fort Wolf defense force/ military police)

everything left over that doesn't get given to family/freinds.


end of toot toot.


I was wrong at the 24,500 mark. each Spear is actually 22,500 points. Tango Spear is close to 1 tomahawk strength as of last night. I've been getting them prepared for guildcon. Changed around Zulu, Again!!! certain things have changed since that post, but its around that mark.


think of it like this though, I have but only few types of minis, DH or CAVs, my battletech collection is about a battalion in strength and I have a few cadres of Heavy Gears, otherwise those are the only minis I actually collect. So yeah, its a lot of minis, but mostly one game. CAV.


Don't let Lanse fool ya, he's got a monstrous collection of minis too, but from what I've seen, he has lots of different types and games going on too.


LOL: hope the intelligence gathering is going good for ya, buddy

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