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Frost giant queen release to the general adoring public

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Hi there, 

a general question, is there any idea when the Frost Giant queen from the last round of Bones Kickstarter is going to be released to the public? One of the coolest minis from that last Kickstarter.



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Soon.   There was a proposed release schedule that came out last year, link to it here.  77576 Female Sphinx was the last one in the March release, and the Frost Giant Queen is #77592.  

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Hopefully then it's soon.  I'm trying to coordinate her coming out with ordering some paint (which I'm needing pretty soon), plus the Heritage figures, hoping for a groovy one when she does come out.


So I saw this beauty in the preview section, and there it said she was to come around April. So just biding my time, hoping early April instead of late, and Hoping for an xcellent Dungeon Dwellers figure at the same time!

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So I got some paint and this beautiful frost Giantess, and the figure is really incredible.  I was surprised it came in so many parts, but Reaper has done a beautiful job in making sure the pieces fit nicely together.  Her staff was warped, and with much trepidation I attempted throwing it in boiling water and then later into icy water, but that worked actually really well!  So now the only thing left is to paint her which will I'm sure take quite a while. I actually want to paint some old Grenadier frost giants at the same time, and take advantage of the same skin tones.

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    • By TPSminis
      This is my first post here on the forums, but I've been a fan of Reaper for a while now.  I've also been painting a while, but only got serious about learning in the last couple years.  I've been working at tabletop ready level until I set my sights on these two frost giants.  The detail is amazing in these models, so I felt like I had to throw myself into it and produce the best paint job I could.  These are the very first pieces I've ever felt were worth considering entering into a competition of any sort.  They are currently my best work, and yet I know that I have a long way to go with much to learn.  Together they took 5 days to complete, working about 6-8 hours each day while I recover from shoulder surgery.
      Some quick notes:
      1. The bases are what came with the minis, please disregard them, I plan on following up in this post with custom bases for each of them.
      2. The Winter Wolf that belongs to the one with the spear is not done yet.  He'll be forthcoming in time.
      3. Yes, I modded the spear.  I cut off the head and used a spare brush protector tube to connect it to a wood dowel.  I used a stain marker on the wood dowel and painted the spear head and tube.  This meant that I had to drill out her hand.  It was a bit dicey, but it turned out well, I think.


    • By Darcstaar
      Here is the next project for “Try to paint all the things!”
      I plan to paint her as a very light skinned elf.  I might try an Autumnal color scheme.


    • By Doug Sundseth
      Finished this figure over the weekend. Some parts I like quite a lot, but the blending is a bit weak and the casting of the left side of the face is poor. I like the sculpt a lot, and I've put the metal version (03547) into my wishlist for my next order. I think it might make a very nice piece to spend more time on.

    • By Doug Sundseth
      Finished this figure over the weekend. Painted to a moderately high tabletop standard*, trying for an interesting color scheme that is new to me.

      * Except for the eyes, which are very weak.
    • By NOLA Chris
      Painted up another bad guy for my players to encounter!
      Used contrast paints and light drybrushing on the stone
      Added the chompy goo-gore with glossy red

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