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Swishy Robed Cleric


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I just realized that I'd been painting but had not posted any of them. :-)


I like this mini, but I often struggled with the impression that she was putting her head on for the day. :-)


Painting her was fun, but I had a lot of problems with her mold lines, and she came out very muddy in some ways.  



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 I've always liked her, but the severely cocked hip always bothered me - the only way I could see anybody taking that pose is if they were sneaking up to a corner and leaning out to peek around it... is she playing Hide-and-Seek with somebody?


Great job on the face and hair.

She has a very classic 1940's movie star look to her: the way you did the eyes and cheeks, the flower in her hair, flipping back the hood like that... She sort of reminds me a bit of Scarlett O'Hara wearing the green curtain dress in Gone With The Wind...


As for looking a bit muddy, you've used a lot of similar colors, so she has a bit of a monochrome feel to her. When two adjacent things are similar colors, they tend to blend into each other from a distance.  When painting a "monochrome" paint scheme like that, always push your contrasts a bit more, and try to get more contrast between the tone of your colors.

(It's getting a bit heavy into color theory, particularly if you haven't been in the hobby that long or just painting for tabletop use, but it's worth knowing. Take a picture of your mini, then use something like MS Paint to turn it into a black and white image. You'll be able to tell which colors, even though they're very similar in shade, still have a lot of contrast in their tone. This is even easier to see if you line up all your paints of a certain color in order from light to dark and then do the same - some of them will seem really close to their neighbors and others will really stand out as being much warmer or cooler. Since you don't have much color contrast to work with, you'll need to use that tonal contrast instead.)


From the pics, it seems like there's a couple spots where the paint rubbed off or didn't stick. Did you give her a good scrubbing with soapy water to get the mold release and other dirt and oils off?


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I like her face a bunch!


@Mad Jack said pretty much what I would've, so I'll just add this: if you have a cell phone with a decent camera, you can likely take photos in greyscale (check for filter or b&w options in the camera app) directly on the phone, rather than going to the trouble of loading them into Photoshop or MS Paint. This is a tool that has made my painting life much easier, as it means I can get immediate photo feedback at the paint table rather than having to stop painting to go to the computer.

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