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Schirf Learns to Paint! (NMM)

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Ok so I had picked up both LTPKs with the intent of hopefully learning some new stuff. Now not that they aren't great resources for new painters, but I had already read most of what was presented in them through a variety of sources on here and through other blogs. So I sat on them. Then I decided they offered a good opportunity to try a few other techniques and decided to give it a shot. So in the basic kit, I'm going to try my hand at some NMM. We'll see how it goes. The Layer up kit I plan to use for OSL. Anyways... onto the painting.


77042 - Orc Marauder

I started with  the Orc Marauder thinking he'd be a little easier. Probably should have started with Mangu. I went ahead an documented all of my steps, in case anyone is interested in the parts before NMM. I tried to stick with the paints in the kit for the most part, but decided that once I get to the NMM I'm going to use 1 or 2 colors not included. Pics in the spoiler tag.



Base coated the skin with Mountain Stone



Followed with a dry brush of Desert Sand



Then brought in Naga Green



Smoothed out the Naga Green a bit



Add some shading with a mix of Mountain Stone and Naga Green



Then Highlights with a mix of Naga Green and Desert Sand



Few more Highlights with near straight Desert Sand



Bascoated the fur with Desert Sand and started washing with Woodland Brown

Note, the next few steps were way more then needed, but I spent a lot of time futzing with the fur.





Highlights with Mountain Stone trying to get a more natural overcoat/undercoat look



Highlighted the tips with Desert Sand and then just washed it with Mountain stone

Kind of meh at this point.



Then I added a Pure Black wash around the top, rewashed the middle with Woodland Brown



Then rehighlighted with Mountain Stone and Desert Sand at the tips.

Also, basecoated the Leather with Leather Brown while the washes were drying



Finally higlighted the fur tips with a little Dragon White and decided it looked good enough



Glazed the leather bits with a very thin Woodland Brown

Missed getting a shot of the back before starting the NMM basecoat




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Now I watched a couple different video tuts for NMM and 1 started from a black base while the other started from a grey. I tend to favor starting from grey but thought I'd give both a shot and see where it went.


Since I'm trying to stick with the colors in the kit I mixed my own grey for a basecoat. Basically a 50/50 mix of Pure Black and Dragon White. And as a note the Dragon White is AWESOME. It's the first white I've used that didn't chalk up as soon as my brush left the palette.


I also added in Void Blue and *maybe* Pine Green to give some flavor to the metal. 





Then roughed in the highlight areas





Ok at this point if anyone has feedback that would be brilliant. Going to work in dark parts tomorrow.

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Ok here are the last few photos. Didn't stop for a ton of pics and found myself fiddling around a lot so there weren't that many discrete steps.


















I feel like the pics make the technique come out looking better than it did in real life. 


Would greatly appreciate any feedback to improve on my NMM technique!


Mangu is next...


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