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Buglips and Guindyloo paint Dungeon Dwellers 07002: Baran Blacktree

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Hi, friends! In continuing with our plan to catch up with painting the Dungeon Dwellers as a joint WIP together as they come out, can I interest you in some Baran Blacktree?



Buglips and I will be painting him in our usual fashion, but if you haven't already, make sure that you check out Rhonda Bender's awesome PDF painting guide for him here: Dungeon Dwellers


Y'all probably know by now how these go, but if not, check out our Thanis the Bonecaller thread where it all began and that'll give you links to all of the other joint WIP threads we've done. ^_^


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And here's my Baran Blacktree, fresh from his pack.  The busted tab came that way, but it's okay because I'm not sure it would have fit in anyway, this guy has a wide stance!


I'm looking forward to this, he's a cool piece and has some challenging features to test my ingenuity. 

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Can't wait to see what kinds of neat twists and turns come about, and how the two of you approach such things, including colours!

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7 hours ago, buglips*the*goblin said:



And here's my Baran Blacktree, fresh from his pack.  The busted tab came that way, but it's okay because I'm not sure it would have fit in anyway, this guy has a wide stance!


I'm looking forward to this, he's a cool piece and has some challenging features to test my ingenuity. 


If he's anything like mine, I can assure you it won't. I had to clip the tab on mine, and shave it a lot to get it to fit, and even after that, it fit tight enough I'm not sure I will have to glue him ...


No, I don't have pics. I keep forgetting those. ;p

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Yeah, his tab definitely doesn't fit into the slot...




I didn't try to make him fit, I just cut off the tab and pinned him to my base. If you don't want to deal with pinning or going through a lot of trouble to shave down the tab to make him fit, I would suggest sizing up your base if that's an option.


The bendy banana sword aside, the mold lines on this guy were pretty standard but I do have a bit of extra metal in the arm hole here.


I shaved as much out as I could with my exacto and on dryfit, I think it's going to work out just fine.


Just like with Rictus, his arm is going to block enough that I want to leave it off until the end, but it shouldn't need any greenstuffing at the end.


So you're going to be seeing this base a lot and I want to explain first and foremost that it is not meant to look like that. First of all, just like with Rictus, I used a base stamp that I have with some greenstuff to make a base for him. Because of the size and position of his cloak, I wanted to get a basecoat going on the base beforehand.........and then I realized that I had completely forgotten to scrub Baran with dish soap to clean off any mold release that might've been left on the model. But I had already pinned him to the base. <_< So you're seeing toothbrush scrub damage and I'll deal with it later.


Alright, so to start out, I basecoated his face with MSP Golden Skin. Then I took Brown Liner to line around his face since the underside of the visor is in complete shadow. Then I blocked in the eyes with MSP Chestnut Brown.


He looks kinda like a motorcycle cop, doesn't he?


Then I took Warcolours One Coat Beige and blocked in the whites of the eyes and now he looks super creepy.



And I'm just going to pause for a minute here because in person, I didn't realize how low on his face I've painted his eyes. You've probably noticed this before - you paint the eyes on your mini and think they look pretty good...and then you see the pictures on your phone or computer and you're like "omg how did I not notice that?" and that's where I'm at with these eyes. Obviously with the visor where it is, these eyes are not easy to get to. So I'll think about giving them another go. Anyway, continuing on...


So then I took....I'm actually not sure if I used black or Brown Liner to put in the iris/pupil.



And then I made one attempt at putting a white dot and then immediately gave up and instead cleaned up the bottom of the eyes with my skin colour.


They look too low, right? Let me know what y'all think.


So next I used Chestnut Brown again to sketch in my darkest shadows.



Then I mixed Chestnut Brown with Golden Shadow to soften the harsh shadows.



Aaaaaaaand I gotta be honest with you here, I was doing a lot of back and forth and I can't really tell you exactly what changed from picture to picture for the next couple of pictures. So I'll just tell you that I pushed and pulled back and forth between Golden Skin and Golden Shadow.






Here I can tell you for sure that I brought in Golden Highlight for the top highlights.




Hmmmm.... I don't know, what do y'all think?

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Why do y'all have to ruin my day? ::P:

Nah, you're right. I'll see if I can shift the eyes up a bit. The more I look at him, the more I see the sloth from Ice Age......or Sloth from The Goonies. Either way, it's not a good look. :lol:

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I like him Guindy, but I think the face needs more poking still. The visor is going to block a lot of light from his face, so even a Caucasian will appear a bit darker or perhaps even grayed - probably for the part of his face like upper lip and higher. If you get the top of his face darker, and the tip of his chin brighter, it would have a bigger impact.  

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I agree the eyes look a bit low, I generally don't worry when I'm blocking in the eyes.  As they are usually one of my first steps.  Easier to fix the lining and shape of the eyes with the skin shadow. And lots of people have bags under their eyes.  He could be exhausted from a long adventure. 

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So, as Guindy noted he doesn't really fit into the slot even if his tab is intact.  Slotta bases are not an exact science.  Some years back I acquired an enormous box of Ral Partha Crucible figures mint in blister and only after I got them did I realize they were slotted bases.  After meddling with them some I eventually gave them away because I didn't like messing with slots.  Fit for tabs could range from perfect to abominable.  It should be noted that when I had those I hadn't yet discovered greenstuff.  In retrospect, I may have given away rather a lot of neat figures - it was like 60-100 packs, maybe more.


But now I'm learning to work with slotted figures, which is nice because it opens up lots of cool stuff from Reaper's Warlord line that previously I shied away from. 


Since my Baran Blacktree's tab was busted in any case, I decided to cut it all off and drill some holes in his feet for pins.  I used a pin vise for the holes, paper clips for the pins. 






I'd like to note here that I'd have likely done this in any case, even if his tab had fit perfectly.  With Rictus I could insert the tab and greenstuff around it, but with Baran that was impossible - he's got quite a lot of cape overhang that's very low to the base.  This means the easiest route is to the do the work on the base first, then attach him - and it's a lot easier to find space for two small pinholes than an entire tab.




So I mixed up some greenstuff and crammed it into the dip in the base.  I didn't worry about getting fingerprints all over it since I'd be turning it into broccoli base anyway, and that would cover them up.




Then I poked it with a T-pin a bazillion times and, while it was a bit stiff but not fully cured, found where the tab line under the base still was and jabbed Baran's pins into it to make some mounting holes:




The tab slot is not centered, so I chose to make the smaller side his "front" and the larger side his "back".  You can do it either way, I did it this way to give his ample cape a lot to overhang.  Once the greenstuff had dried I primered it and gave it a wash of thinned Reaper Brown Liner:




I also did the same with Baran himself:




And his shield arm, which I almost forgot about entirely:




Once that had dried, I decided to do the base first.  So I took some old reaper pro paint olive and darkened it about 1:1 with reaper brown liner:




Then I thinned the olive about 1:1 water to paint, thin enough to be manageable but not so thin it just ran all over the place:




Since his cape covers most of the back and thus creates a shadow, I decided to add some highlights to the front.  First by adding some yellow to the olive:




And then going all the way up to yellow:




At this point if I had any cork or similar mounting material I might have painted Baran all the way up before gluing him in.  But since I didn't, I decided to paint just his bottom parts in their shadow colours to get them done and out of the way.  I made my ratios as precise as possible, which was pretty easy:  1:1 paint + liner for the cape; 2:1 liner + paint for his boots.  The boots were coat d'arms rat brown, and the increased liner ratio is because coat d'arms tends to overpower the liner.  For his cape it was old pro pait dragon blue, a nice mid-blue colour, and the brown liner darkened it much more easily.  With these ratios I should be able to paint parts I left out at this stage with no noticeable colour change.




And once those dried, I glued him on:




Overall that went well, though it's at this stage I realized my greenstuff wasn't flat but was actually a low mound.  This means there's some gap underneath his toes.  I'll jab a little greenstuff in there and poke it into broccoli.  Hopefully it won't look like he's sinking into the ground. 

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