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Buglips and Guindyloo paint Dungeon Dwellers 07002: Baran Blacktree

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3 hours ago, Silvervane said:

Yeah, when you have 100+ paints several do tend to be forgotten.  :rolleyes:


I have the same problem on occasion, and I only have 75 so far.  I bet it will be even more pronounced once I double such... 

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4 hours ago, Silvervane said:

Yeah, when you have 100+ paints several do tend to be forgotten.  :rolleyes:


I have unopened paint I haven't even seen in almost 15 years. 

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Oh, one more thing to add!


You ever see the (spoiler alert for 25 year old show, I guess) the episode of DS9 where O'Brien goes to virtual jail, and because of food shortages there when he comes back out and he's eating dinner with Keiko he starts taking food off his plate to save for later as a hedge against starvation?  Even though the replicator will provide all he could want?


I'm like that with brushes.  The absolute horror of running out at the worst time in 2016/2017 over the holidays and waiting forever for new arrivals, forced to work with my tattered and miserable poofy weasels, has made me completely paranoid about brushes.  So even though my new Ro & Co are magnificent and long-lived, I'm afraid to use them in case I run out.  So what I'm doing is riding brushes out until the most bitter end, even when a fresh brush is what I need to do the job. 


So I ordered a fresh supply, which is large enough that it should make me less scared of using them.  I literally ordered double what I thought I needed so I can carve off some to store away like squirrel nuts.  You know, in case I get sent back to virtual brush jail. 

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Yup, I rotate my brush usage.  And have live 5-6 R&Co, 2-3 Raphael, 2-3 W&N just so I won't run out.  I dip the end in primer so I know which is being relegated to primer duty so I don't accidentally use primer on my current good brush.

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Thanks, guys! ^_^

I’m a lot happier with him now that I’m not painting him anymore. My brain just was not cooperating with me. 

I don’t think the shield would have turned out as well as it did had you not put in my head that the blank quarters could be boring, @Chaoswolf and who would've thought that even my cynical statements forcing myself to think positively would actually work out? :lol:

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