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Painting Pirates: Arven Scarhull, 03224

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So one of the things I'm doing right now is that I'm about to run a pirate-based campaign, and as such I'm going to try to hone my skills by painting my way through a large chunk of Reaper's pirate and marine based minis, among others!


We'll start with an NPC pirate captain:







I actually painted him a while ago, but still would love tips in case I go back and touch him up!

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      In my re-basing spree I got to my scorpions. It was a really early paintjob and they needed a good touchup and a rebase. I went for a desert look on the bases and did some touch ups. I do not even have pictures of the old version!
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      I have to say it was fun to paint the small, medium and large ones... But the huge one was just a lot of work, phft!
      I finished though! Woot!
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