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Zombie German Officer W.I.P.

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W.I.P.-Started working on my very second miniature...Zombie Nazi Field Officer...his face is pretty vague...kind of looks like he's melting...so I have an idea for him...still lots of layering, dry brushing, detail, and bloody goo to go...hands are a bit shaky tonight so I may have to put him away until tomorrow...28mm








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On 3/20/2018 at 11:25 AM, Cyradis said:

How much caffeine do you paint with, @Benwlundy? I try to avoid caffeine after around noon, anticipating painting in the evening. If I do a steady stream of caffeine I can't do the detail work as well. 

I don't really take in caffiene...I'm just old and trembly...lol



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That'll do it too. Are you able to paint while bracing your arms?


Tricks I picked up in silversmithing class to maintain steadiness: 


Keep your elbows pinned to your sides. That will eliminate motion from the shoulders. 

Get your forearms braced on the working surface, table or whatnot. That eliminates motion from the elbows. 


Now your wrists and hands are the only parts with a range of motion. You can go a step further sometimes and put the edge of your hand on the table too, letting fingers do the work. 


None of this will eliminate all twitchiness or all trembles, but it can help give you more control. ^_^



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Almost done with my second miniature...calling him Zombie Nazi Officer #1...All I have to do is seal him with dullcoat and then add the gore! The gore effects are glossy so I like to add them after the dullcoat...again...he's not perfect...but I'm reasonably pleased with him...might go over his webbing straps with dark gray again...looks fine in person, but the flash washes out the color...Since he looked all melty I interpreted him as having been burned...should have him finished Sunday or Monday and I'll post the finished product in the show off section...










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