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Vordakai, Cyclops Lich

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Excellent work! It does all flow together nicely and I really like what you did with his eye. I love this sculpt too and he's in my painting queue right now. Just have two other figures to finish up first.


Do you mind if I ask what colors you used for the main skin tones? (The brown spots btw are really good too)

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Thank you :) It may not show in the photo, but I used a gloss varnish on the eye to make it pop a bit more. 


For the skin tones: I always use (for everything) Citadel paints. I've been told they are not the best option, since they tend to look glossy due to its formula, but it's the brand I've been using since I started and I just have too many of them, and I'm too used to use them to change now :/ 

The colors I used were, for the skin, "Rakhart Flesh": it's kind of a ceramic white-greyish. For the base I mixed it with a bit of brown, and I washed it with Citadel's "Agrax Earthshade" before going with the highlights. Those were done with Rakhart flesh and Rakhart flesh with increasing bits of white. About hte brown spots, they are just two tones of "Dryad Bark", another Citadel's paint: Brown-greyish. First tone darkened with a tiny diminute amount of black, second tone pure. 

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    • By Mutilatedlips
      Finished him rather quickly because he was a breeze to paint. No assembly required is always welcome.
      Only complaint I might have is these reaper models with already sculpted thick bases that I have to try and work around to base the figure myself. 
      Steals away some of the creativity and fun.




    • By Doug Sundseth
      Another Bones figure. I'm not entirely sure where the color scheme came from. I just started and it kind of grew. 

      This is a very annoying figure to paint. The hat brim is very wide and there's detail under it that is almost impossible to get to. The same is true of the beard. But the semi-random color scheme turned into something way outside what I usually paint, but in a good way.
      Bones are great for experiments, because I don't feel like I have to obsess about every detail like I would for a competition piece. And I think my quality is going up as a result.
    • By NyarlaBcn
      In 2018 I got one of my favourite 25th Anniversary miniatures, Darius the Blue. I actually have all three of Darius sculpts, the latest being my favourite too. 
      First I tried to paint it with the same mosaic pattern Reaper used, without any success, so I settled with... kind of a freehand that I didn't like at all and a very excentric color palette. 
      That (in my opinion) failed attempt got stuck on my head and recently I bought another one to paint it again, and I'm a lot happier with the results. This is my only "1 year improvement" pic, and I thought on sharing it here since being the exact same miniature I would love some feedback. 
      Here the 2018 version 

      And the 2019 version that I just finished today 


    • By Broomie
      Hi there, this is my first attempt at OSL. I was going for drama, but it does seem a little heavy handed. I learned alot painting it. I'm fairly pleased with it.
      Feedback and questions welcome. Thanks for looking!

    • By NyarlaBcn
      While watching Ks Bones V, I was painting in front of my PC. 
      Here, the second one I painted. 
      Wizard/Druidesque palette, first time I try painting freckles O_o

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