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Working on my first Oathsworn mini, and I have to say she is great so far. I don't have the blonde hair triad, but I think I got the colors right...


Colors used


-09074 Palomino Gold

-09091 Golden shadow

-09092 Golden Skin

-09093 Golden Highlight



-09026 Violet Red

-09259 Bronzed Shadow

-09260 Bronzed Skin

-09261 Bronzed Highlight



-09026 Violet Red 

-09037 Pure Black



-09687 Holly Berry

-09436 Bleached Linen

-09037 Pure Black



-09026 Violet Red

-09280 Nightmare Black



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Also, a little story on the hair. While looking at the mini unpainted, I noticed that the horns were hard to distinguish from the hair. This meant I needed a color scheme for the horns and hair that would stand out. Since I prefer dark horns, this mean she needed light hair. But what light hair would look good on a tiefling? I thought about it and realized that even tieflings can have blonde parent(s), so why couldn't they have blond hair? I've never seen a tiefling with blonde hair before, so of course she now needed to have blonde hair.

It was one of the few secondary color choices I have made without focusing on the color theory and realism portion. 

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4 minutes ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Looks great so far!

But I'm confused....I mean, you JUST got her!  Doesn't everyone let their new minis "age" for a at least a couple of years before finally getting around to considering painting them?? :upside:

But I'm an ooooh shiny person. I always start on at least one of the latest batch...and then it isn't shiny anymore, so I need a new batch of minis!

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So, for anyone who wants an update on what changed above: 
- Tried TMM on Armor/Weapon for the first time

- Painted the tail

- Painted the cloth (really proud of how that turned out)

- Used Vallejo leather kit to try to do the leather textures on the bags & bedroll

- Base coated the hand holds for the weapon

Left to do is finish the leather wrappings on the weapon and paint the hands (which I realized should be flesh colored while painting the armor)

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    • By Kangaroorex
      Just thought i would put these up to show off the new party making their way through saltmarsh.  A party of six graduates from the civilized lands, roped into fulfilling a debt by their mentors.  At least they are working together...  they arent my finest work but for 6 hours of painting, they will do nicely for our little gaming group and the group enjoyed the surprise of coming to their second session to discover they all had custom painted minis!
      we have a Halfling fighter
      an elven thief with a fixation for daggers
      a halfling bard
      the blue dragonborn priest of Protos
      the black Dragonborn warlock (had to create the head.  I couldnt find a dragonborn mini with an 8 strength...)
      and a Human ranger from the backstreets and slums
      hope you enjoy them, i dont know how long they will last....


    • By Rob Dean
      One more mouse for the order of battle pool for Gencon.  I’m behind on basing, but should get to him over the weekend.

    • By Rob Dean
      With Gencon just a few weeks away, I need to finalize the three warbands I’m responsible for in our Burrows and Badgers game...so one more
      speed painted figure this
      morning. 50 minutes or so on this one.


    • By Maledrakh
      Back in 2013 I came across a kickstarter campaign called "Heroes of the Dwarfs" by a small start up company called Oathsworn. The creator sculpted the models himself, and the greens on display were very oldhammery and full of character. I went in for a massive three minis, being a bit cautious at the time, what with this being a new company and all.
      They delivered in a timely fashion, the minis were great quality, and I have backed 13 out of 14 of Oathsworns campaigns since then. They continue to crank out the good stuff. They are on my short list of trusted creators, A+ will back again.

      Ingrid Deathseeker is basically your female beardless Trollslayer.
      I used one of my bespoke 3D printed 25mm round lipped bases for her.
      Ingrid Deathseeker
      from the Heroes of the Dwarfs kickstarter, 2013
      Oathsworn Miniatures
      Sculpted by Michael Lovejoy
      metal, single piece casting
      25mm base
    • By Rob Dean
      I haven’t picked up a brush in a couple of weeks, so I was happy to get
      over the painting block with an Oathsworn speed paint yesterday. (I wasn’t timing closely, but about an hour.) 
      I need four or five more figures before Gencon, where my brother and I will be staging a couple of B&B games. 
      The pictures are a little extra contrasty; I’ll add a follow-up once based. 

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