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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't stayed active here. It is something I want to be more consistent about. 


I sculpted this lethargic little sloth in my spare time over the last few months. I'm pretty happy with how he came out and learned a lot of new things along the way. There's also some of the in progress pics and the original concept art. Critiques and feedback always welcome!



He's still in need of a name, any ideas? 

Thanks for taking a look!



(PS: the rabbit is still a WIP)









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24 minutes ago, Clearman said:

I'd be concerned about my safety in any city were sloths are the city guard...

But the sculpts are awesome and I'd love to paint some.

LOL - I'd have to agree on both points.



as for a name, can I suggest my first born's name?  He has a lot of sloth like qualities...

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On 3/23/2018 at 8:47 PM, strawhat said:

Well, the genus for one of the ground sloths (now extinct) is mylodon, so I suggest Milo.


As for him being one of the town guard, I shudder to think about response times measured in days...

Love it! I think Milo suits him. I wonder what the DC for sneaking past him would be haha

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