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Any ideas on a robot head?

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Hi guys,


So I got a greater number of Infinity Aleph minis from a guy who doesn't find them fit to his playstyle.


Anyway - I decided to create my own bases, opposite to the clean and attractive style of the Aleph minis using some kind of a long lost and ruined city.


Like this:




I also got Atalanta and her SpotBot and I think that this spotbot has quite a personality and I want to create his base accordingly.


(Picture for reference)




So I thought that it would be fitting to have some kind of robot head or so he could stare at. (Like to 2b in the picture below - but being a mechanical rabbit with sad eyes).




So I thought about using a space marine head but I don't find it fitting to the whole setting and it would just disappear between the rubble and the debris I prepared for the base. And it wouldn't match the style of Infinity.


On the other hand - I tried using a bandai mecha/gundam head and it is way too big for a 25mm base. Does anyone have an idea which could help me solve the problem?

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 How big is his base going to be?

Anything smaller than a 30mm base isn't going to have any room for "scenery" on it (at least without looking incredibly busy and cluttered), and even if you've positioned the figure at the far edge of the base it'll probably be too close to his feet to really be staring at without adjusting the angle of the figure's head, and/or posture.


You could probably find something from a 54mm mini, or one of the heads linked to above, but I'd look for something like plastic soldier model kits, either futuristic or from WWII with a gas mask, that you could modify to be more robot-looking and/or sculpt a "robot" helmet onto.

I'm not sure which scales most robots come in, but it'd probably be easier to find a human or humanoid head in the right scale and modify it.



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That was not only a great idea @Clearman - Thank you! - but also the advice I needed to figure out what I wanted @Mad Jack.


The base will be 25mm, but - as I know from the other figure I made - it is possible to make it into a small scenery piece. And I now know where I have to look!


Thank you, guys.

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