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4 hours ago, Rahz said:

This may be the kick I need to get my skaven buddies assembled and painted up!! 

My thoughts exactly, I've had a box of Skaven for a few months now that I still haven't "gotten around to".

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17 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Your warlord is coming along very nicely!

Many thanks! 

13 hours ago, Rahz said:

Awesome stuff so far!  Looking forward to more.  This may be the kick I need to get my skaven buddies assembled and painted up!! 

Glad to hear such, as I've had most of these minis since Warhammer's 25th anniversary, and I've wanted to build up a gigantic force of doom. 


Plus the Skaven are just epic with their skittering and plotting.  Oh, and if they aren't stabbing you in the back, you might want to look forward again because there are probably twenty of them going for the front instead... ^_^


8 hours ago, Rat13 said:

My thoughts exactly, I've had a box of Skaven for a few months now that I still haven't "gotten around to".

It's definitely nice to be steadily working on them, as I've had them for quite some time and they were the first Warhammer Fantasy army I fell in love with, and then the lore just solidified that even more. 



Haven't done any painting the past few days as once again we have spent more time out of the apartment than in it, but tomorrow will probably see a good amount of painting due to various reasons.  Oh, and hopefully some bases, minis being added to bases, more priming, and the last five poison wind globadiers getting de-slotted and attached to bases. 


I also showed the current WIP pic of my warlord to one of the guys at the local GW store, and he was rather impressed, especially for colours just blocked in, but his jaw dropped once I revealed the pic of the raw base and he was all "wait, really, that's just cork and ballast?" ^_^ needless to say I was pretty happy about that...  Doubly so since he's a Skaven player himself, and gave a few suggestions on this or that. 


... And the entire store agreed that no matter what, Skaven should be on the most visible shelf on my eventual shelves because even as awesome as Catachans can be, there's just this love for the Skaven... 


I'm definitely looking forward to tomorrow and making his colours come out further, and starting various layers...  And I won't lie, I'm once again contemplating OSL from the fire, even if it's just a soft hue added in for effect.  Its so tempting, even if I have no idea how I'd do that. 


NMM is definitely off the list for now simply because there are enough new techniques in here, and when your armour is all ragged and tarnished, I don't feel it would have as convincing of a look to it (everything being well worn through countless battles) 

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More skittering updates, this time courtesy of discovering the cable for my headphones is long enough to reach my painting area!  Soooo nice being able to have my Sennheiser HD 600's (paired with an AudioGD NFB-11 if you're really curious) on while painting.  Initial album was VNV Nation's Futureperfect, if anyone's curious ::P: 


Started work on the inside of his maw, as I figure that's going to be one of the hardest areas to do once I start working on other areas...  Initial coat was three drops of Cinnamon Red, two drops of Dragon Black, and one drop of water.  Second coat consisted of three drops of cinnamon red, one drop of Explosion Orange, and three drops of water - leftovers of this were applied to the emblem on the banner.  Second mix then got one drop of Dragon Black, three drops of Explosion Orange, and three more drops of water to start working on additional shadows of the frilly decoration thingy on his halberd I'm calling his "good luck totem" ::P: 


His stomach covering piece of armour, as well as all the leather and small bits of chain got the same covering that the rest of his armour did in the past (4 drops of Tempest Grey, 1 drop Dragon Black, 1 drop water), which brings me to what I consider an important milestone...





Paints used:

9404 Cinnamon Red

9437 Dragon Black

9438 Tempest Grey

29805 Explosion Orange




Needless to say, I'm quite happy about this milestone, doubly so because the various additional little bits of work here and there alongside initial touchups was less than an hour (made it halfway through track 11, so about 50 minutes or so).  Quick hasty photos because of two reasons - one, didn't want to set up a photo area, two camera's on the other end of the living room (and therefore across the obstacle course) in the camera bag, and most importantly, I'm going back to painting and don't want my camera on either the painting area or my main desk ::P: 


Also, on a brief note, I suspect that other than specialty things, I'll wind up being more than happy with "just" a full set of Reaper Bones and HD paints, since more often than not, they're what I'm reaching for first.  Sure, it's a bit premature to say that NOW, but at the same time I love how... predictable they are in use.  Naturally I'm still going to seriously look at some of Scale 75's metallics, Warcolors Gem Paints, Secret Weapon's Washes and their weathering acrylics, etc....  In short, I'm happy with what I have, don't mind mixing, and like what I have, but I suspect I'll still try other things every now and then ::P: 


Anyways, away from keyboard, and back to the painting area, wheee!

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Round two was fueled by coffee, as well as VNV Nation's Judgement, because I loooove that album. ^_^ 


Paints used for this post:

9007 Marigold Yellow

9432 Desert Sand

9437 Dragon Black

9440 Ebony Flesh

29854 Arctic Grey


Started with the banners.  I wanted them to have a more aged look to them, so I went with something that seemed incorrect at first, but once I mixed it up it gave a good feeling, so went with it.  3 drops of Marigold Yellow, two drops of Bleached Linen err Desert Sand, and four drops of water.  Initial shading was an additional 3 drops of Marigold Yellow, 2 drops of Desert Sand, and then one drop of Dragon Black.  Second layer of shading was with a second drop of Dragon Black added in.


Realized I should probably do lining if I'm planning on doing that, so mixed up four drops of Dragon Black with one drop of Arctic Grey, and six? drops of water....  Did that and almost went cross-eyed (or at least felt like it!!) thanks to all the small little transition areas on this mini, but that's life...  And then it was two drops of Ebony Flesh with six drops of water for a basic kind of wash on all the wood, making it niiiice and dark, which I'm quite happy about ^_^  ....Thinking back, maybe I should have tried to make it slightly purple, since I :wub: purplewood on most things...



Apologies for the banner being blown out / overexposed in some areas, that's the downsides of holding the mini only a few inches from the light source.  Actual proper pictures will be taken at some point soon-ish.


Not quite sure what I'll work on next, but I'm having this strong urge to work more on the banner and get it closer.....  And then quite possibly do some freehand on it.... >.>;;;;;;;;

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I "had" to switch to different music.  VNV Nation is nice and all, but I wanted something with a touch more meat to it!  This time, it's Blackout Podcast 46.  Mmmm, Drum and Bass makes for great painting music, especially Pythius ^_^


Sadly, I didn't really keep any particular notes on mixing, since I just tucked my head in and put the nose to the grinder as some statements go...  Aka I just zoned right in and totally forgot to actually write, or even remember my mixes.  Sowwies! :unsure:


Paints used this round:

9007 Marigold Yellow

9430 Polished Leather

9432 Desert Sand

9437 Dragon Black

9439 Dragon White

9448 Dragon Copper




Ah boo, looks like I went too heavy with glazing in between the shadow and highlight layers on the banners to tie them all together, but at least a small bit of the effect is left.  Somewhat saddened by such, but that's life.  Next time I'll be more careful and smaller steps in between the layers so that blending is a lot easier, and isn't five coats of attemps to smoothen it out ^_^


We have weapons, and some of the armour getting more colours....  While he looks totally awesome in the Dragon Copper, that's it's base...  No good warlord would wear something THAT BRIGHT to combat as it's a great way to be singled out.  Either that or, well, y'know, an opportunistic opponent sees you there, busy, and takes advantage of it.  Either way you're dead :rolleyes:   ....I won't lie though, it is quite the gorgeous colour to say the least! :wub:


More than likely the chest armour and gauntlets will be Blade Steel, because, well, I like that colour.



...Okay, that's been close enough to three hours of constant painting with some significant progress on him, I'm going to take a break before my eyes decide to try and permanently focus on an area two feet in front of me!

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No progress on the warlord tonight as I was working on Wyrmgear, but I now have 20 of the splintered deck bases done up thanks to some "spare" mixed greenstuff (I say spare because it had been 50-55 minutes since I mixed it, and it was starting to get rather hard to work with), and over the next week I'm hoping to work on not only getting the last five poison wind globadiers de-slotted and then pinned to their new bases, but also start getting a squad of Night Runners onto 25mm bases as well!  Oh, and of course some more painting on the warlord.  Can't forget the warlord.  If I only get a single mini finished this month, it's going to be him.  Or so I'm thinking. ^_^

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Since my goal today was moving some of the Night Runners over to newer bases, I figured I'd also work on the Grey Seer while he's out, because, well, why not.  Orange stuff is PlayDoh.  Best $2.50 at a dollar store, I swear, because it's nice to use it for fleshing out the basics of an idea, without having to permanently commit to it right off the bat.



^So out came the broken shore stamp, and my small cobblestone roller.  Something just didn't quite feel right with them, almost as if they felt two dimensional and wouldn't quite add all that much to someone who technically is a leader by AoS rules.  Oh, yes, I know he's on a base too big according to AoS, but I don't care.  He looks terrible on a 25mm base, and even worse on a 20mm square like he originally was!



^There we go...  Much better.  Broken shore feels like it would be too much "work" to get it where I want (a ruined city that's being fought over, and of course having even more destruction caused), whereas the small cobblestone roller has that city feel and I just have to add a bit of rubble to it after.  Cameo appearance from the Dark Runes roller, because this had all started by me trying to find a way to combine the dark runes and small cobblestone rollers on a single level and it just wouldn't pan out, and brain suggested this as an alternative, and I greatly approve of brain's foresight.


I'm starting to notice a theme with my basing... For regular, line units, yeah sure, I don't mind it just being a rolled or stamped base, but for the higher ups I definitely like their bases having a bit of height to them.  Naturally, I should have assumed this given that pretty much every single base I've done for FFHH is precisely that way (to the point where the initial three are going to have their bones bases trimmed off and get a "proper" full on 3D base that matches their own individual themes, as well as that of the army itself.


Anyways, back to the skittering for now (aka cutters, files, and plastic glue).  Why assembly instead of painting?  I want to put things together, first and foremost, but also, I'm looking forward to having them all assembled so I can say that, use them if I desire, and most importantly...  I want to take a pic of what I have having completely taken over the miniatures table!

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13 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Ooohh Classic Skaven Seer!


Good-Good WhiteWulfe!



*looks up the new one*  Yeah, this one's so much better.  Wait, seriously?  The replacement is plastic, doesn't really look like much of a caster other than the outstretched arm and billowing robes...  Yeah, the old one definitely has that nice rustic, "I'm going to conjure up daemonflame to roast your army" look.  That and the runeblade is just soooo nice.  Also, the old pewter ones were only like $18 CAD at worst, and the new plastic one is $26 CAD?  o_O :blink:


Starting to understand a lot more why veteran players comment about how the newer ones are technically lovely, but nowhere near as appealing.



^Out comes the Magic Sculpt, aaaaand...  We have the initial setup for their bases.  Sure, I could have gone 40mm for the Warplock Engineer, but the 25mm feels right, while the 40mm feels too big.  Besides, I want him to look more like he's in the thick of it, instead of observing and commanding, busting through the rubble or whatnot, if that makes any sense at all.


Grey Seer will obviously be making use of cork there - I'll glue that in place once the Magic Sculpt has cured, and then like usual, add in various rubble without losing too much of the cobblestone details ^_^;;;


I feel the seer's base will need something more than just rubble and cobblestones...  I wonder if I happen to have any spare banner bits, or the like, because that might look neat...  Someone else's banner, broken, smashed up, and sliced, poking out from within the rubble...  A quick glance through my parts bin didn't really show anything that could work though, but that's alright, because even a Skaven banner would clutter things up too much I figure.

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5 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

A lost helmet or shield half buried in the rubble might work

I like the sound of that.  I'll have to see what I can find!  I did find an Orc shield of some sorts (with an arm superglued on, lol) but obviously since it's a Ferrero Rocher "box" I'll have to spend a bit of time digging through it - either that, or risk dumping it out and seeing what I can sieve through ^_^


For some reason my bitz bin has a LOT of Catachan stuff in it.... It's like they're the main army I built over the years or something! ::P: 



So.... let's sort through the "main" bitz box that I have, which is a mostly full plastic Ferrero Rocher container.  Back in the day I didn't sort things, and all the extras just went into a single box, because I felt it wasn't worth sorting since I didn't have all that much.  That belief held even as I went through more army boxes, and now we have a box of random assorted items, with a LOT of heavy weaponry for Catachans *laughs nervously*


Skipping ahead to the possibly interesting stuff...


Found a few interesting things that were actually fantasy themed, including the previously mentioned orc shield.  Given that the Grey Seer's base is still being built, he'll get some extras, while my warlord won't (I don't feel like redoing the base, and to top it off, the goal was "I JUST SMASHED THROUGH A WALL RARRRR!!" which can lend to clutter, but not as much.  ::P: 


I feel I could make some of those items work, like thiefing the piratey type hats (guessing they're spares from the humans that came in the Mordheim boxed set), the crossbow, maybe the polearm, pistol, but I'm already getting plans for that blade with an Orc arm attached to it....


The boar was just one of those "oh sweet, I have a boar!" kind of things.  I think he was included in a Warhammer Fantasy starter from a while back that was Orks versus something, and you had the option of having your leader ride a boar.  For some reason, at the time I decided he didn't want to be riding a boar.  Naturally, I want that now for my Orks, because mounted leaders are neat, but I suspect that's just me being indecisive.


^Uhm.....  That's a funny looking "six" giant rats.  I count 35, AND THERE'S MORE IN BOXES STILL.  Naturally I was just going by what my two boxed sets stated I had, but.. That's kind of awesome to have an entire MASSIVE HORDE of rats to crash forward into my enemies for the glory of the horned rat!


Also, omg, cute lil plague guys that I have no idea which box set they came in, although I'm guessing it's the 25th anniversary army, even though the new Plague Priests *trails off as he looks into a few things*...  Yup, bit of digging and they were included one per five man sprue in the 6th edition version of the Plague Monks, and since I had eight of those sprues, I have eight of them.  Sadly, the new AoS box set doesn't appear to contain such, at least from the sprues I found.  Now the only question is what to do with them - do I keep them as decorative, or do they wind up being used as slaves in the army.


Oh look, a skull pile, wonder if I could make use of that too....




....And for good measure, my current Skaven bits box, which will wind up being smaller, simply because a lot of those weapons haven't been attached to various guys yet...  Yeah, when I started my Skaven army, I figured being at least somewhat organized was a good thing to start doing...



Anyways...  Time to go work on that Grey Seer and see what I can come up with for his base now that the Magic Sculpt should be at that "definitely cured" stage ^_^

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^Decided to try out a few things before gluing, because that's kind of a wise approach to things, the "it's not permanently so I can change it as I see fit" method.  So here's the initial layout I went with for things, but something just didn't feel right.  First of all, it had this feeling of really trying to force that there used to be a living ork under the rubble thanks to how it's spaced, and on top of that, it stuck out in too many areas.  Additionally, it cocked the rubble "platform" the Grey Seer was on, and would make him somewhat unstable on the table.



^Added in the hat (bye bye human head that it was attached to, snips and an xacto blade made quick work of that), but this one still had the slight instability problem the first one did, as well as a few new ones...

  • While you can see the hat, being at the bottom there alongside the cobblestones makes it way too easy to blend in with the ground, not to mention could rather easily be inadvertently covered up with  cork rubble when I add that in.
  • Shield still felt like I was trying to hide something in it - probably the hand that used to be attached to it that I trimmed off because I didn't like the hand that was nailed onto the shield.
  • It doesn't feel like it would showcase the whole "ruining a city" kind of vibe I have going for my Skaven.



^Attempt number three is one I'm the happiest with, and for a few reasons...

  • The hat actually looks like it was indeed casually forgotten off on the side,
  • Gray Seer is stable thanks to a layer of 2mm cork added under the stack,
  • if I really wanted to, I can easily do a bit of greenstuff on that shield to make it look less like I shaved off something that was on it (or add some on the left side, so that it's semi-symmetrical),
  • the sword actually seems to fit in, doubly so since it's missing the arm that was still attached to it earlier.
  • With this setup, I can make it seem like not only have the Skaven been attacking, but also the Orks, who may or may not have been the previous tenants of said city (aka Orks may have pillaged it, and before getting back up to strength, the Skaven attacked!)


With all that figured out...  Time to assemble, do this and that, and... Errr, I mean bring out the glue, mwa ha ha ha ha!


First layer of the Grey Seer's base all glued up.  I'll probably have to add a little bit more rubble to fully seal the effect, but it's a start.  Grey Seer is not pinned in place yet, as I'll be rolling a textured pattern onto the part he's standing on - I'm aiming to use the exact same one I had previously in the mockup, because I like that arrow for some reason.  Feels like it fits the theme I'm going for ^_^ 



^Progress on the Warplock Engineer.  First and foremost, I pinned the lower half of his halberd, simply because it had broken ages ago and when I first assembled I just went "eh, superglue will hold it".  Well, I know better now.  It's pinned and glued, and once the glue dries I'll clean it up and it should hopefully be seamless.  I also drilled out the barrel of his gun somewhat, starting with a 1mm bit and then making the mistake to jump up to a 2mm...  That's why there's a bit of discolouration on the flared barrel, because I wound up using superglue to put it back together.  We'll see if that fix works, but provided it gets back to the generic shape and is paintable, I'll be happy.

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I'll be going back to some more painting soon...  For now, I wanted to switch a few more guys over to the new 25 and 40mm circular bases, as well as de-slotta tab the last five poison wind globadiers since that's been a goal for this month.




The poison wind globadiers were fairly simply to convert over, as they hadn't been assembled yet, so it was just a case of a few minutes of snipping off slotta base tabs, trimming, and sanding the bottoms flat...  Then pinning.  I suspect drilling the pin holes took the longest out of all of those five, because sanding/filing sure felt like it went by quick by the drilling felt like it was forever!


The two Rat Ogres had already been assembled, but were an absolute PAIN to take off the old square bases simply because the models use circular tabs in them that slot into the base itself, and of course back then I used a LOT of superglue when putting things together.  Pretty much destroyed their old bases, but they're still semi-usable so they'll go into a base storage container thingy for if/when I ever need such a thing.


Odds are the next units to be converted over from the 20mm squares will be my Plague Censer Bearers, because of two reasons.  First being I seem to have this metal kick going for starting out, so might as well do that, and secondly, a full unit, at least with what I have at the moment, is a mere ten soldiers.  As for the next assembly project, that will more than likely be a box of Night Runners, since most are still unassembled, and I have 20 bases waiting for them.


I have this odd feeling that my next Reaper order is going to be mostly bases (specifically 25mm ones) and paints, with very few minis...  Which I'm pretty much okay with, since I want to get my armies going, and both are kind of critical to such!  Now sure, I could just use the Games Workshop ones, but I've kind of fallen in love with the lipped ones Reaper sells, as they're nice, and the inset means it's a lot easier to put some sort of nice stamped or rolled base detail in there, or build things up for a more thematic/epic looking scratch built base... ^_^ 

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