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5 minutes ago, Rahz said:

Great stuff!  You got me building my little rat-folk as well.  :winkthumbs:

Niiiice!  Skaven are always awesome little guys to play, so much fluff and lore... 


If they weren't so organized (or easily distracted and stabby) they probably would rule the world! 


I'm definitely looking forward to the army slowly building up over time, as it will allow me to steadily work on various painting skills. ^_^

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4 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

I think your rat priest looks pretty great on his base just as it is, but of course the final decision is your call.



I actually definitely agree!  I've been tempted to try and go monochrome with him, and just have a few select colour elements added in (namely, glowing Rune's and/or wyrdstone), because I just love how menacing he is right now...  And it would definitely showcase the menace they can bring on the field (they're quite deadly, as are most mages) 

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Haven't forgotten about these guys...  Wound up working on my Grey Seer tonight, but it was touchups on the Grey Liner... Apparently I had left a number of spots unprimed.  Whoops.  No picture as he kind of looks strikingly similar to the last time, but wanted to actually update the thread, and I do think I'm actually seriously going to attempt to do him in black and white, since it kind of feels right.

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Today's painting session is brought to you by safety orange coloured street hockey balls!  I mean Vallejo Game Colour Hot Orange...  Featuring a side show done by Reaper's Pure Black! ^_^



^So, starting out I went with a mix of 6 drops of VGC Hot Orange, and one drop of Reaper Pure Black....  It started out as an effort to have a darker shade of hot orange, but wound up turning into this....  Which I'm not going to complain about, because he's my deliciously devious chocolate fudge coloured Warplock Engineer.  Or Milk Chocolate, with how he dried.... But still.  He almost got a super intimidating Hot Orange robe as well, but for some reason I felt that just wouldn't work, at least for him....



^These guys on the other hand....  Yeah.  DEADLY FLOOR HOCKEY BALLS OF DOOOOOOOOM!  Everyone does the poison globes in an ominous, dark green with a bit of swirling...  Mine will be fiery poison, even though they don't have fire effects!  Oh yeah, wound up using that mix of hot orange and pure black for ropes and tails on these guys.  Two are painted this way.  I couldn't find an easy way to get them both in the shot and have it look good, and my phone was misbehaving since I turned the AI off - yeah, the AI that keeps thinking they're food! :P



And of course, my warlord.  Couldn't forget about him, could we?  Accents were relatively minimal for him, but I finally FINALLY found something I like the look of for the Runes, and so VGC Hot Orange filled those in, and I'm liking it already.  It isn't as bright as I want, but I can solve that soon enough with other tricks (I happen to have Citadel's Blazing Orange, and it's still good...)


I also added in some orange on the tuft on his halberd, and also put some of that same milk chocolate brown kind of colour on the outside of his ears....

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Pulled out some of my old paints, as I looked over that way and went.... "Huh, that looks just about right, I'll give it a shot..."  And therefore, out came Blazing Orange alongside Mechrite Red from Citadel...  Oh, also used some Nuln Oil today, as I wanted to see what it would do (which is why I bought it a few days ago alongside the colours hubby wanted to try)......



^So first and foremost, we have small updates here and there for my Warlord.  Runes got a thinned coat of Blazing Orange mixed into them, as well as Steve's eyes (the spiked skull)...


Spiky emblem got a single coat of Mechrite Red, and I'm still debating my thoughts on that, but I like it more than what I had previously, so that's always a good thing.


Nuln Oil was first used on the banners to dirty them up, and after a few touchups I'm quite pleased with how it works, and can see why a number of people swear by it...  So rolling on that, I then decided to coat his cloth lower half in it, and I quite like how it dirtied things up.  Not quite certain what my thoughts are on it, and if it will need additional work to get that ancient, dingy kind of cloth look... Any thoughts?





^First two of my poison wind globadiers had their cloth filled in with two coats of Mechrite Red, and I'm quite happy with how such turned out.  Obviously it's just the base coat, but it's definitely what my poison wind globadiers will be rocking, and I'm getting the feeling that it might very well wind up being one of the two colours tying everything together (the other being that gorgeous Vallejo Game Colour Hot Orange).



^Since I was so happy with how that Mechrite Red turned out on my Poison Wind Globadiers, the cloth on my Warplock Engineer got the same treatment, as did the runes on his weapon, and the power pack.




To answer a few questions I've gotten over Hangouts, as well as other areas, and even some possible forthcoming ones...

- Am I switching from Reaper to "insert brand here"?  Nope, just using whatever I have, and fits.  I won't lie - I do prefer how Reaper and Vallejo come in dropper bottles, AND how Reaper has an agitator already in the bottle.  Makes premixing really REALLY handy, and you can store more in the same space.  Citadel is something I'm trying out again, since that's what I started with back in the early 2000's, and for some things the satin finish is handy.  For others, it's not as nice.


- Will this army be fielded for actual games?  If I can make it in somewhere, and can build an army roster I'm happy with, I suspect so.  I miss playing Warhammer, even if it is Age of Sigmar now, and the Great Horned Rat feels like it is but a mere mention.  Transporting it will also be a bit of an issue, but I suspect I'll be able to work that out when I get to it.  Oddly enough, now that movement trays aren't involved, I suspect I'll like Age of Sigmar ~MORE~ than I did classic fantasy...  Then again, I really liked the Warbands variant of WHFB, as a lot more personality was allowed to be involved, and doubly so with concepts like Mordheim.  I say concept because I never got to play it, and one of these days I'd absolutely LOVE to field a warband in Mordheim!


- You're moving somewhat slow on this, AND you have several threads going AND you want to keep progress going on other armies AND you want to start your Catachans in January with a finish around the same timeframe as these guys...  Are you sure you'll be able to do it?  No idea, but hey, that's what goals are for, to reach for and do one's best to accomplish.  Also, I'm kind of a firm believer in the whole playful statement of "Genius has it's limits, insanity knows no bounds" as a bit of a saying, and I guess it's a way of "accepting" some of the quirkier aspects of myself, and then putting them to use.  One of the main reasons for going slow at first is to figure out the general painting theme (after going with the fluffy theme, for the, uhm, fluff of said army), and then once I've figured a few things out it will be a lot faster, and I suspect I'll be able to work on 5-10 guys a week...  At least the foot sloggers anyways.


- Why the name Steve for the skull?  Honestly?  No idea.  Just seemed to fit.


- Why the orange poison globes?  I wanted something other than the usual murky green they always seem to be painted.  That and I'm kind of addicted to orange.  I'm sort of like Cyradis and OneBoot with their purple addiction, but a lot less talented at painting :P  Besides, I like the idea of having them come across as not only warp fuelled, but also a lot... nastier than one might imagine.  Green may or may not be a sub-component to the colours, I'll have to try and see what a wisp of green winds up looking like on them.


- Why the orange eyes for Steve?  I'd say previous answer, but the real reason is them being empty and black just felt boring.  Having that slight orange glow in them makes it feel almost like he utterly destroyed... SOMETHING...  So bad, that it couldn't leave, and it's there as a permanent reminder to all who dare fight him.  Or maybe I just am addicted to orange, and wanted to try it out, and liked it.  I'm weird and unplanned like that.


- Other than "KILL THE MANTHINGS!!!!!!!" do you have a theme, or general build for this army?  Well, this is partially based off of a question from Hangouts from a certain somebody, and it took a while to think it out, given how many choices there are, but yes...  In the end, I will probably have "no choice" but for it to be more of a Pestilens themed armed.  I use quotes because I'll be getting my paws on another EIGHTY plague monks when I buy my warmachines.  Turns out that the Screaming Bell parts are in the "Start Collecting Skaven" boxed sets as are the Warp Lightning Cannons, so I'll wind up buying four of those boxes in order to save some money compared to individual purchases of warmachines.  Seriously, it's $14 cheaper to buy the box than it is two siege weapons...  So I'll wind up with three Plague Furances and a single Screaming Bell....  Or two and two, haven't decided yet.  There will Eshin and Verminus components to it, like Assassins and Gutter Runners, as well as StormVermin and ClanRats.


- Do you plan on getting most of what's on the desk done before you start DDS2 and that 7-Day challenge?  Yup.  The challenge is helping provide additional motivation towards such, but I also want to be showing at least a bit of progress to myself now that weather is good and decent and all that.  But I definitely am aiming to have the warlord, the Warplock Engineer, and ten poison wind globadiers finished before I start that DDS2 challenge at the end of October.

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3 hours ago, Rigel said:

Oh, they look so scabrous and hungry! For victory or meat, either way. Loving the colors. 

Glad to hear, as the Skaven that are part of Clan Pestilens have a bad good habit of being easily described as "ravenous lunatics", which is always good when you're wanting to claim all the shiny.....  And murder man-things ^_^


Paints used this session....

Vallejo Game Colour Hot Orange

9431 Desert Stone

9448 Dragon Copper

9452 Blade Steel


Oh right, Nuln Oil, Druchii Violet, and Drakenhof Nightshade.... shades were used from Citadel.



Speaking of shiny....


^My poison wind globadiers are looking a lot more colourful now...  And not so colourful in other areas.  Let's talk about the colourful parts first!


So, the thing on their back is some sort of air filtration, as it hooks into the hoses that lead to their mask...  I'm guessing something to more or less filter out the dangerously noxious stuff they lob at their opponents, although rumours are it's only partially effective, and it's more so they can collect some of the dust again in order to make more weapons.  Who knows :P  Blade steel went on the blade as one might presume, and Dragon Copper was used for the main tanks and pipes for the air filter thingy.  Vallejo Game Colour Hot Orange was used to get the orb almost fully coloured.  I'm still debating about what kind of effect will be in it, but I'm thinking it will be some sort of mixed thing where Vallejo Metallic Medium just miiiight come into play.


As for the less colourful things...  Desert Stone was used to give a more... Plague coated kind of look to their fur, and also to the knapsack that's probably carrying more of those delightfully noxious orbs... of doom.


What I'm having a tough time with is the - for lack of better words - harness for the breathing apparatus..  And what colour to go with for that.  Kind of tough to figure out what to go with.  I've thought about blues, but that doesn't feel right...  Purples maybe, but I'm starting to get more of a purple vibe for the breathing hoses...  There's always orange (but a lot more of a burnt shade).  Tough call.  What's also tough is debating about how I'll go with shading and colouring..  Do I put a good effort in, or do I just go "eh, they're disposable mooks you charge into the enemy's front lines with to soften things up", get a basing done, and then Nuln Oil the whole thing >.>;;;;;;  Probably somewhere in the middle though is what I'll do, since on one paw, sure, I'd love to smash a bunch of guys out and keep moving, but I'd rather put an extra hour, hour and a half into each set and have things look a lot nicer, if you know what I mean.:ph34r:




^Warplock Engineer time...  And yup, he's more colourful too!  Blade Steel was used on the weapon's shaft, as well as the barrel and scope of the... rifle?  I'm planning on adding more colour into both, but one has to start somewhere naturally. ^_^ Backpack got a nice healthy dose of Dragon Copper.  As for the things sticking out of the power source, those are supposed to be warpstone, which according to Games Workshop is a greenish-black kind of thing, but I have a distinct feeling I'm instead going to go more for... Bloodstone.  Okay, not the most original of things to choose, as it still has similar colours, but polished bloodstone is gorgeous.  It's that or New Zealand Nephrite Jade (sorry B.C., yours just doesn't have the same appeal to me), and bloodstone feels like more my thing.   ...Doubly so for a milk chocolate coloured Skaven! ::P:



^First and foremost, out of sheer curiosity I hit up the base with some Nuln Oil.  It did dirty things up some more, but.... I'm still uncertain as to it's effects.  I suspect when my washes from Secret Weapon come in I'll wind up "touching things up" with those.  It did even out some of my overzealous drybrushing though, while keeping those colours that were there...  So I'm happy about that ^_^



^And now, for the flame....  Made use of two of the Citadel shades that hubby wanted when we got him some paints that were different to try out, Druchii Violet, and Drakenhof Nightshade.  In english, one's purple, the other is blue ::P:  I honestly can't remember whether I did blue on the bottom half, or top half, but I did one, and before it had a chance to really start drying the other half  got hit up with the other colour.  it sort of gave the effect I wanted, and therefore I'm happy with it...  Obviously I'll add in a few highlights here and there, but it's a lot closer to where I want it, which makes me rather happy ^_^

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47 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Good progress!

When done you need to do a group shot!

I have a feeling ill be taking group shots over time...  I'm curious as to how even just the first twelve (grey seer, warlord, and ten poison wind globadiers) will look when painted! ^_^


It will definitely be nice to watch them steadily go from assembled, to primed, to painted, doubly so given how long I've had a lot of these.  Naturally there will steadily be machines of war added in (probably starting in Jan-Mar timeframe, as I want to clear a good portion of backlog before buying more Skaven)... 


I'm also seriously thinking about picking up a backdrop or two, as I suspect I'll want something a little bigger than my desk to set them all up on. 


Also something I'm contemplating in my mind is a full on group shot, where one gets to slowly see the horde not only grow, but also have more and more portions of it fleshed out and actually be painted! ^_^

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Bit of a tiny update today...  Didn't do much painting due to other things, but broke out the ancient Citadel Mordian Blue...



^So I couldn't quite figure out what colour to go with for the breathing rig harness...  This morning, got a vague hint at "huh, maybe that old blue Citadel Foundation paint", and when I asked a coworker who happens to be much better with colours than I tend to be (they are a LARPer, after all! ::P:) they suggested a dark blue...  So far, I'm liking it.  Obviously I'll darken it a tad more, but I have this suspicion a wash of either Nightmare Black or the blue or purple shades from Citadel will help bring that colour closer to my "ideal" goal...


Nightmare Black might be overdoing it though, since I'm really REALLY tempted to go with that for the breathing hoses... As a wash, over top of Adamantium black....  Although I hopefully will have Scorched Metal and Blackened Steel coming in tomorrow.  That Reaper order was processed in Ontario like three days ago, so should be showing up aaaanytime now.


I've also decided I'm going to try and do some sort of white-yellow-orange-red layering with the ball hockey "puck-balls" of doom in order to get some sort of ghastly swirling mayhem going on within them....  And more than likely I'll be giving the skin and fur on one of them a Citadel Reikland Fleshshade and seeing how that plays out.  If that doesn't pan out, it's ye olde Dark Highlights I suspect!



^And since I some of the blue already on the palette, the first set of power wires are coloured in for the Warplock Engineer!  I'm really starting to get the feeling that for the plague monks at least, blue and red will be two of the main colours...  Which works fine for me, since I never could decide whether I preferred blue or red for soooooo many years - and then orange took over as my favourite colour!  Not quite sure where I'll go with the colouration after the base coat, but I suspect it won't be a boring blue for long....


I'm still somewhat uncertain about what colour the armour will be for him, although I'm really tempted to give that upcoming (whenever Canada Post gets it to me) Coppery Orange a shot for that...  Polearm/halberd shaft is still undecided, and I strongly suspect that the other power wire going to the gun will be orange of some description.





This kind of colour pattern seems to register for me, with a combination of blues, reds, and oranges alongside tones that are similar but metallic, and of course the darker shades of brown and whatnot...  My eventual goal is to hopefully get the minis down to at most 7-8 colours including shades/washes, so that way it's a lot faster and easier to crank out the other eight poison wind globadiers, and then subsequently...  But I'd be willing to go a tad higher if need be, since I suspect I'll need 2-3 colours for the bases to have more colour to them.


In short, my goal is to have an army that looks somewhat uniform, but still has slight uniqueness to each model, and then of course, hopefully get things down to a level where I can crank out 4-5 guys in a single sitting but have them look good ^_^

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More work done, and I'm calling my Skaven Warlord done.  I could probably improve, but at the moment I seem to be fussing about with wheels spinning in the mud, and therefore feel it's a "safe" time to call him done.  Proper pics will be taken with a camera that doesn't keep trying to oversaturate everything and apply AI tweakings (even though I've turned them OFF) tomorrow.


Paints used today:

9037 Pure Black

9133 Bloodstain Red

9134 Clotted Red

9135 Carnage Red



^Today was pretty much several different thinned layers of paint that were probably somewhere between washes and glazes.  While I did start with something like one drop of paint to six drops of water, I wound up dipping the brush in water, and then trying to soak in just a tiny bit of the thinned paint from the dry palette for a number of them.  In the end, I wanted to try and portray just how vindictive he was, possibly borderline insane, with quite the lust for combat and murder...


I think what I'm proudest of is that his cloth lower half seems to actually look a lot more of the part I was aiming for than it did a few steps ago, and so I'm rather happy about that!


My favourite part though is that those several layers of reds from the Bloodthirsty Reds triad served to really dull down the metallic effect of his cleave and have it look rather... Out of repair?  Disrepaired?  Can't quite figure the exact words, but basically not taken care of, at all.  Kind of has this rather rusty/bloodsoaked look to it that I'm really hoping I can capture with a proper camera.



^ Hit up the two Poison Wind Globadiers with some of those washes as well, although it would appear that most of the effects are too subtle on their garb...  But if one looks closely at the ball hockey pucks of doom poison globes, there's a tiny bit of that swirling effect starting to go on.  I'm thinking I'm going to have to alternate a few layers of different reds, as well as oranges while having another glaze or two put across it to seal the effect I'm looking for.


Would have been a lot more painting tonight but I kind of, uhm, forgot to pick up sugar earlier in the day, and I'm not going without my morning coffee because I'd be an absolute pain to deal with at work tomorrow I suspect...  So I went and got sugar instead of doing more painting.  Still seriously planning on hitting up the fur and skin with probably Reikland Fleshshade (or, if the Secret Weapon washes ~DO~ come in tomorrow, it'll be Baby Poop or Sewer Water), red garb quite likely with Nuln Oil (or Secret Weapon Soft Body Black if it comes in tomorrow), and then the filter harness more than likely in the blue Citadel Shade (Secret Weapon Armor Wash if that comes in tomorrow).


Why the whole Citadel (or Secret Weapon) bit?  Well, from what I've read, Secret Weapon doesn't have that slight glossy finish to it that I've noticed Nuln Oil has.  It's a good shade, but I also want to try out other things too ^_^

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Today a few things came out to play with paints.....  Short post due to being really tired, and not having kept very good track of things due to various experiments.


Secret Weapon washes: Soft Body Black, Heavy Body Black, Stone, Baby Poop, and Sewer Water....

Reaper: Blackened Steel, Dragon Copper, Clotted Red, uhm....  I think that's it?


Common themes: second layer of Dragon Copper on the tank, first layer of Blackened Steel on the straps, Secret Weapon Soft Body Wash on the breather harness as well as dagger blade and hilt, Hard Body Wash followed by Stone Wash on base.  Oh right, a wash of Clotted Red over top of the Citadel base coat on the robes...


Things are still drying in some areas, but.... For now here's the results of experiments...  Apologies for terrible photos, I'm practically passing out at the keyboard as I write this o_O



^Baby poop for the fur/skin.


^Sewer Water for the fur/skin.



I'm rather preferring the Sewer Water's look.  Sure, it's darker, but it kind of has more menace to it, doubly so since as much as I initially liked those Citadel Foundation paints for the robes and harness, I'll be swapping Reaper in.  Maybe it's the fact they're 12 years old, but I'm not fond of how they paint, and how the next layer goes on....  That and I just like the Bloodthirsty Red triad, so....  Yeah, that's what's being swapped in for the red on the next models.  haven't decided on a blue to replace with yet, but I probably have a few that could work fairly well....

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Better pics now that I can actually concentrate - even though arguably concentrating atm isn't as good as it will be in a few hours (something about not having had morning coffee!).



^Secret Weapon's Baby Poop wash on the firm and tail....



^Secret Weapon's Sewer Water wash for the fur and tail.



...I was worried last night about the shine the washes seemed to impart, but my guess is that since said shine isn't there anymore that they simply hadn't fully dried.


While I do very much so prefer the Sewer Water over the Baby Poop wash for these guys, I'm debating if all will get the Sewer Water treatment, or if I'll go with the "more likely" option of doing five and five.  It's a tough call, at least in some ways.  Kind of liking the half and half option, as it would add a bit more visual variety between all ten of these guys...  I'm also really loving that soft body black and what it's done for the pouches on the second guy - small pouches would have also gotten the treatment on the first guy, but I kind of, uhh, uhm....  Totally forgot a base coat on those, so they didn't get hit with the wash for obvious reasons ^_^;;;


I'm also seriously thinking either green or purple for their lenses...

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