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5 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:


As a Rat he could have some kind of rusty armor.

Crawling through Skavenblight won't result in shining armor.

So either rusty or blackened steel I would say.

I agree.  It would also offset the somewhat brighter colours, or do that weird thing everyone with better skills keeps talking about.  Oh right, contrast I think is the word they keep saying :p


So thinking maybe that similar layering I did for Sir Purple of Shiny's shield, because that could bring up the grime/dirty factor but still give away it's metallic armour. 

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Wow, just realized this thread's over two years old, and I've finished all of one mini.  Eep.  Oh well, that's how some things go sometimes, but at least with various things taken care of I'm slowly working away on some of them...



Packmasters got a bit of paint on them yesterday I think....  Primer was 12 drops Mission Models Grey Primer to 8 drops Mission Models Black Primer, and then two coats of Mission Models Blue.  Yup, these guys are going to be my little subjects for trying out more of the range from Mission Models Paints!

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11 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Keep painting them!

We love to see the Horde in it's full glory one day!


Yes yes, let's kill kill manthings!!!

The glory of a bluish-purple blue, cookies, and everything else?



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