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Mega mutant

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One of my favorites that has been sitting unpainted for a while, will he hammer you to death or challenge you to a dance off.








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Dance off? But he's modeling for the Sexiest Green Thigh Competition ^_^

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      I have seen some fantastic wyrmgear son here recently so I decided to finally take a shot at mine, first off I wanted a nice industrial type base so I grabbed a couple of blank CDs, some MDF sprue and plasticard and had at it.  Hopefully this works out.

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      This was my first shot at a 54mm miniature and I chose finari, I am very happy indeed with how she came out and especially like the gold NMM which was a mix of scale 75 and reaper paints with a little Vallejo game air white.  Thanks to everyone on the WIP thread for input and support and I welcome any feedback that could improve her.  Hope you like her as much as I do.

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      My painting is all over the place right now but I wanted to mess with finari, did some work on the face.  Ps where are the 54mm miniatures found on the website

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      Did a generic fantasy friendly backdrop for pictures did not have an unbiased fantasy miniature on hand so I reused the super mutant for scale hope you like the scenic background

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      Not sure if I have posted these in the past but my recent project was to build a background for pics of post apocalyptic miniatures.  Used the hirst arts bridge mold some card stock that I corrugated using a toothpaste squeezer and some kraken wargames scatter terrain.  Hope you like it.

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