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Astrid, Female Chronicler as Grace Desirap - by Cyr


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1 hour ago, SisterMaryNapalm said:

Another wonderful figure. I still don't like the frog-green trouser, but I will admit that it absolutely fits the character.


Wonderful face and a really great and beautiful expression! Thank you for sharing her with us!


She had to be ridiculous for the punk rock ::P:

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30 minutes ago, Mckenna35 said:

What is this fun of which you speak?  We're supposed to have FUN while painting?  Interesting...  :huh:::P:


I love the pain job on this.  Her face turned out particularly nice.  Those eyes must have been 'fun' to paint!


The eyes went pretty darn smoothly, actually! The tough part was not messing up the face or eyes while painting hair (and similar issues in other areas). 


I also hadn't realized how this figure is conceptually tough to shade some parts. She's very vertical, so you don't get extreme highlight/shadow for the top of the leg or a raised arm, or floofy cloak. Except for the booty.... so much booty. All the klockenbooty. 

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