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Let's Present ... Soviet Russian Female Battalion for Bolt Action

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Long time no see.


I didn't have the time to work on my girls lately, so they somehow got lost in all the stuff I did in between. But a few days ago, I by accident fell over one of the vehicles, so I thought: "Let's finish it!" So - after a weekend, here we are:










Hm - the rusting on the doors of the drivers cabin might be a bit strong. I'm not sure ... hm.


Anyway - I hope you enjoyed this work. If wanted, I can do a tutorial on how to do some winter weathering on vehicles.

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Thank you very much.


Yes. Okay. We can do that. I've got some more and different vehicles on the table, so a tutorial shouldn't be a problem.


9 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


During a prolonged battle there would be little time to properly maintain the vehicles..


Let's be honest: Getting a vehicle or tank down to this state is virtually impossible. Especially the German tanks would break down way before becoming this messy. But well - it's supposed to make an impression on the table, so ... why not ...

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      Since I have virtually nothing else to paint (for certain definitions of virtually and nothing, with rounding and margin of error.....).
      The FLGS recently (like Wednesday) got in their first order of Bolt Action. There hasn't been anything historic being played in the area that I'm aware of (at least none of the local stores carried anything) so hopefully this is an untapped market.  Early interest seems pretty high at least.
      I've been interested in playing something like this for, oh, a while, but there has never been anyone playing it where I was.  So  I was quick to jump right int.  Picked up some Germans (someone has to play the bad guys, plus I have a number of German tanks and things from West Wind in this scale....) and today started on some Grenadiers.

      Well then, this isn't going to be as straightforward as Legion figs.....
      There are 6 bodies, 11 heads, a number of different weapons, some with arms, so with arms you attach, and a whole bunch of kit.
      I'm building 10, since that is the maximum build out for a squad, and following a video I watched for the weapons load out (3 assault rifles, 6 rifles (including the loader) and a light machine gun).

      Bases and bodies, and I decided I'd use the LMG over the shoulder arm.

      And where I ended up after about 3 hours.  All the arms and heads are on, but only the NCO is fully kitted.

      So just because the gun looked cool, The first German finished is using an "acquired" Russian PPSh sub-machine gun (it counts as an assault rifle for the Grenadiers).
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