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Bombshell Miniatures Doom Bunny +1

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Speed painted to send off to a Niece who really like rabbits.  Hopefully she likes these!


Doom Bunny from Bombshell Miniatures:



and a Vorpal Bunny.  I've had these guys for a very long time.  Made of resin.  Came in a bag with about a dozen or more in it.  Long forgotten who manufactured them:Bunny_01.thumb.jpg.4c4e71d223a415fcde151fa40ea651d3.jpgBunny_03.thumb.jpg.f8c28e5802f597255cd905efd81754bf.jpg

Sorry for the pics!  Finished the wash on the Doom Bunnies Axe and then snapped a few quick pics before packing them up to go in the mail.


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She will love them...  Mind you they might be a bit scary at night.. placed in a dark corner..where they move when not being watched!

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1 hour ago, robinh said:

She will love them...  Mind you they might be a bit scary at night.. placed in a dark corner..where they move when not being watched!


Well, she is a teenager, so hopefully won't freak her out too bad...  ::P:

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      I painted 2 minis for @Jasper_the_2nd for the Spring Exchange.
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      Jasper has created a character for the mini and I am so pleased he likes him!



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      Some testors CokaCola Red with layers of black and brown wash dirtied it up nicely. The rabbit originally came from a craft store many moons ago and had lost an eye along the way. So he got a felt eyepatch and a hair tie belt. The wood box and machine gun were made from balsa wood, the drum was a bit from GorkaMorka and the far tiny barrel was from a Lionel train set.

      He certainly looks happy.

      I dremeled off one of the side skirts to make room for a different wheel. The gas can is also from GorkaMorka and the stowage area is held in by a bit of necklace chain.

      The bullbars were made with some random wire I'd found in the garage.

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      Ok, my photo-fu isn't on point today it seems.

      Other than maybe touching up the bases, I'm going to leave them be. Now to find a somewhat scale Mr. McGregor for them to terrorize.
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