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Dwarf King On Throne


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14 hours ago, Cyradis said:

His beard is a great triumph for dwarvenkind!


I felt bad about this in part because I was too lazy to dry-brush a little highlight onto the beard, even, lol.


9 hours ago, NyarlaBcn said:

It is not a terrible job at all! 

Lovely miniature & paintjob 


If I may my only advice would be not to use what seems to be pure white on the horns & teeth. 


Yeah, it's pretty dang bad on the horns lol. I kinda like the white teeth, but I may hit the horns with a wash or something one day to try to tone it down. They were a pain. Actually somehow managed to look even worse with the more off-white bone shade I had on it before. I finally just slapped that on to get it off the table for now.


Turrible decisions everywhere.


Still, fantastic set piece.


I kinda wish the king had been metal.

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I don't know... with the axe, horned helmet, long hair and beard he looks pretty metal to me ::):


He will make a great set piece as the party is dragged from the dungeon and dumped in a pile before the mighty king who will express his severe displeasure at something the party did.

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