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Nice dragon! Kudos on finishing the whole tail. There is an awful lot of it. I really like the colors you used on the non-bone parts. It is a nice contrast to the greens on the base. 


Your swamp looks a bit dry. If you take a bit of water effect, I like woodland scenics clear or secret weapon, you can drip it in puddles over the flock. When it dries it looks like a wet, swampy puddle. I learned this by accident trying to do a river. I would encourage you to do a bit on a test piece to see if you like how it looks. The stuff does have a tendency to get away from you.


You can also take a brown wash and generously dab it over the flock in patches to get some more color variation going.


To get some good looking moss and lichen on the rocks you can dab on a bit of super glue then press a piece of foam like the kind that some minis get packed with into it. Let it dry and rip the foam off. You get some nice texture that you can then paint as you like. I would try to pull some colors from your flock.

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18 hours ago, NecroMancer said:

That is a big big beauty!  


Nice work!


How long did it take you to get that done?

1 year of procrastinating after I got it kinda of cleaned up. lol.  Painting probably 10-12 hours and then maybe an hour spend flocking the base and finding some rocks for it.  You can definitely do it in a weekend if that is all you do that weekend.


11 hours ago, NecroMancer said:

For getting a good moss look I like to use Citadel Lustrian Undergrowth. Its a technical paint and it works great as moss. 


Or you can maybe get some reindeer moss from Hobby Lobby or Michaels. 

Yeah I have some lichen and moss from a plant store that I got my mom to pick up for me I was thinking of adding.  Question is what is the best way to seal/harden it up?  I was thinking of trying the 50pva/50 water technique with a spray bottle.  It's been pretty good and sealing and hardening the hobby flocks and such I have been using on my other bases.

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Holy molly! That thing's huge! Better you than me, pal!

Seriously, now, you should grow some moss over the stones and rocks. Maybe adding some tall swamp grass or a broken overgrown tree trunk...

Anyway, amazing work! Would not like to cross with one of those in an adventure, it looks dangerous.

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