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Arena: the Contest - Tabletop Miniatures Board Game

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Arena: the Contest is a turn-based tactical miniature combat boardgame for 1-8 players of all experience levels, featuring 2 game modes: a Player x Player team competition, and a Cooperative dungeon crawler (with solo mode and Epic Campaign).


The most unique Hero of the game is available for FREE to anyone who pledges $89 (or more) in the first 24 hours of the Campaign! The Harun add-on is a Kickstarter Exclusive, and will be available for $7, if you wish to back the project later, or get additional copies.


Harun's got the only ability you execute before the match even begins: you may choose what Combat Role he is to perform! Your Team could use a Healer? Needing another melee fighter? No problem!


With the Core Box you can play both game modes (PvP and Coop), and our Epic Campaign. Find further explanation on each subset of components on "Game Overview".


Our Expansion Box adds a new level of replayability with 12 extra Heroes of six different Combat Roles, multiplying the number of teams you can assemble tenfold.


Immersion can also reach a new upgraded level with minis that represent tiles such as dungeon walls and doors. They come in sufficient number to assemble all of our cooperative scenarios.

Throughout the Campaign Page, you will see this symbol. It indicates components that you can only get in our Expansion Box. Throughout the Campaign Page, you will see this symbol. It indicates components that you can only get in our Expansion Box.

Elder Dragon Miniature


This gigantic miniature (~270mm tall, with a 3-inch base diameter) represents the most powerful Boss in the game. Even though it is an enormous figure, we designed it as a fully playable piece that can share the game board with Heroes.

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First Created. First game published by the designers.


BGG preview: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1961791/everything-board-games-arena-contest-kickstarter-p


"Mechanics-wise, this game will be very recognizable to fans of RPGs and miniature battle board games alike. Each turn, a character can move across the battlefield and perform an action (either an additional movement, an attack, or use of a Heroic Action card), and play then passes on to the next character in the turn order. Attacks are decided by the roll of a 20-sided die, or d20, so there is a bit of luck involved as well as strategy. There are also several rules that impact a character's ability to attack, such as terrain and obstacles, line of sight, ganging up, and shooting within melee range. Those who enjoy such minutiae in their miniature battle games will likely feel right at home.

The specific mechanics for cooperative gameplay double down on the RPG elements by adding in experience, which can then be traded in to buy Level UP, Artifact, Scroll, and Heroic Action cards. Heroic Action cards can provide a powerful one-time effect without requiring a dice roll, Scroll and Artifact cards provide passive buffs and one-time-use spells that can add some additional potency to battles, and Level UP cards permanently increase your character's abilities!

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12 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

I didn't really need to see that, Darsc.


I have no interest in the game, but man is that Elder Dragon nice.

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