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Wizkids Deep Cuts Two-wheeled Cart


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20 hours ago, ced1106 said:

Great job. What do you think of their miniature line (eg. mold lines and primer)? 


I'm not overly hip to these things tbh, but I like what I've seen. Love the designs and price point. I've had their displacer beast and mimics up close and in hand, and they're pretty clean and ready to go. This is the first I've painted, and I can say that I wasn't thrilled with how the primer held the paint. I'd come back behind the base coat to dry-brush, and it'd chip that previous coat. May've just not given it enough time to dry, but I was working at my normal pace and all. So I'unno--I'm a lousy/lazy/weird painter so probably just a "me" problem.

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