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Overwatch and Run N Gun

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Sorry for the late replay... busy getting KS rewards ready to ship!


Not totally sure what you are asking with part 1, but neither adds any type of cover to your model. If you can add to that maybe I can get closer to the answer you are after.


Overwatch: For a model to use this type of attack, during its activation it will spend both APs to initiate this action type, ending its current activation at this point. If, during a later activation of an enemy model, that model moves within the LoS of the model in overwatch, you may tell the player to stop any further movement and conduct a ranged attack combat roll once per turn. A model remains in overwatch until its next activation and may conduct an additional attack in the following turn, spending both APs to conduct the attack (not 1 AP as it shows on page 58 as that is a typo).


A Run N Gun ranged assault can take place at any point during the models activation/movement part of the action.


For defensive fire make sure you check out the updated version in the current errata as I think that is explains how it works better.


Hopefully that all makes sense, its late and has been a long day. If not, let me know and I will try again (and hopefully better!)

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