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28mm Amazons - RBJ Game Company [Kickstarter]

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The Amazons are a new line of 28mm white metal and urethane resin table top gaming figurines from RBJ Game Company. Digitally rendered by Master Sculptor Bobby Jackson and faithfully brought to physical reality by Fortress Figures using cutting edge technology to bring you the unquestionably highest quality metal and resin miniature available today.


Stretch goals apply to any pledge of $50 or more.


(removed due to nudity)

This project is for unpainted, white metal and/or resin figurines. Models are provided NOT painted. Models are scaled to 28mm toe to eye or 1:60. Models are provided with a plastic tab/slot base. White metal figurines are not toys and are intended only for adults. Models may require some assembly, may have sharp or pointed parts and are a choking hazard to anyone prone to put them in their mouth.





On the end of the campaign, each backer will be issued a coupon code via e-mail to redeem at our on-line store for your pledge rewards. This worked out very well last time around seeming to be the simplest way and also allows for some last minute additions if you desire. Shipping fees are not included in the pledge level and will be collected at the time you redeem your coupon code.


Estimated shipping fees:

U.S. $0 - $5 (U.S. receives free shipping for $50 or more pledges)

Canada $0-$15 (Canada receives free shipping for $125 or more pledges)

World Wide $0-20 (Free world wide shipping for $175 or more pledges)


Customs fees, duties, taxes, tariffs and or additional charges incurred at the shipping destination by the receiver are the responsibility of the receiver. RBJ Game company cannot accept any responsibility for additional charges imposed by the taxing authority of the legal jurisdiction of the receiving residency.

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I didn't back their last KickStarter (Skulls?), but backed the one just before that. (Skeletons).  The had decent communication and fulfilled quickly and on-time.  I will back again if the project is right.


That said, I'm liking the look of that medusa.

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I'm in for the Medusa.

The rest just doesn't stand out, really.

Also, while soldiers might have marched with their helmets up like that, they definitely pulled them down to cover their face in actual combat, or even when 'just' practising with their weapons, because one, it's a helmet designed to PROTECT the head, so it's stupid not to use it, and two, wearing it 'up' like that it's likely to fall off when doing vigorous movements. It's also a good idea to practice with the helmet on to get used to the weight, mobility issues and lack of peripheral vision.


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I like the characters and add ons.  The cyclops and gorgon are my favorites.

On 3/31/2018 at 10:10 AM, pcktlnt said:

Forgot to ask, does anyone have experience with RBJ Game Company?

Yes.  I went in on their sci fi Kickstarter and it was all good.


Looks like they’re over the mark for the Cyclops!  That’s the one I dig the most.  

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On 4/3/2018 at 4:27 AM, Gadgetman! said:

I'm in for the Medusa.

The rest just doesn't stand out, really.

Also, while soldiers might have marched with their helmets up like that, they definitely pulled them down to cover their face in actual combat, or even when 'just' practising with their weapons, because one, it's a helmet designed to PROTECT the head, so it's stupid not to use it, and two, wearing it 'up' like that it's likely to fall off when doing vigorous movements. It's also a good idea to practice with the helmet on to get used to the weight, mobility issues and lack of peripheral vision.


Cute triumphs over accuracy. Actually, maybe she had just taken a fearsome blow to her face. Her helm did it's job, protecting her and getting knocked back in the process. Yeah, that's the ticket. It might even look good painted up with some manufactured damage and blood on it. Then she'd have it up because it didn't fit properly anymore. Of course the suspension of disbelief is severely tested when you see three out of four are knocked back in a similar fashion...


Hey, maybe they are fighting a flail snail, and the flails all spin upwards, causing an abnormal number of helms to be knocked back.


Or they are marching to war through tiger territory, and have faces painted on the tops of their plumes for safety:


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I just got my stuff today as well. One of those rarities, a kickstarter fulfilling on time.


Athena looks great, and her owl is amazing. She is a bit larger than the other minis, as befitting a Goddess. The owl is nicely made, I didn't use anything to hold it in place, it balanced well on it's own on the flying stand and separate base. I also added a set of pillars, as you can see they are quite tall, I didn't want to zoom any further out or I would lose too much detail on the other minis. I got a pack of translucent snakes and the set of resin hoplites, they are surprisingly dark, but look quite good. There is a reaper guy on the end for scale.



A close up on the snake and hoplite. Still a bit hard to see, but the detail is good.



Somehow a sleestak grabbed a machine gun and snuck into my box (I'm guessing it was a bonus freebee to show their other lines). I laid a pillar on it's side to show proper size. The schnauzer was a freebee, then one from the archer, spear and sword sets I picked up. There were a few shield options, I picked the assorted packs. Unpainted the minis look topless, they have belly button and nipples on them. Only the raised edge across the chests and skirts make it obvious they are armoured. Of course painting them would make it clear. I picked up the medusa as well. She's a beauty, but needs some assembly. There is some flash, but not any abnormal amounts and it looks easy to clean.


Overall, a very good ks experience. Nice minis, good prices, and quick delivery.

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