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So, last night, I had a particularly bad night at work.  As I am trying to be more health concsious, I came home and sat at my desk.  Instead of downing a 1/2 a bottle of bourbon, I opted to spend the next 2 1/2 hours painting this while trying to clear my head.  It worked.  He's not Reaper.  He is an Oni from the Massive Darkness board game.  I drew heavily from World of WarCraft on this one.  For those of you that have played it, I felt the model greatly resembled a Troll.

The paints are all Bones MSP, and some washes from GW.  Overall, for a piece I just wanted to get done, I think he came out pretty well.  I didn't even start him until after midnight, and I wrapped him around 2:45am or 3am.  By that point I was exhausted, and wasn't really concerned with anything but finding my way to bed.





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