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April 2018 Hobby Goals!(I'm Back Brushes!)

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Since last update I have started painting Mini Ma'al. I deleted all my minivember photos because they were super not good so I need to start that over ASAP.

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On 4/1/2018 at 7:53 PM, Evilhalfling said:

my goal for April is to avoid painting things.

I will probably fail.  

I'm supposed to be writing 1500 words a day and then editing at least a pair of short stories. 


Female centaur (in progress) 

Dung Beetle Knight's Ball of Dung

one GW Age of Sigmar Liberator 


Exception : 

Anything painted at the weekend NNM workshop with Alfanso Giraldes 

- probably a bust and the GW figure above. 




failed to avoid painting 7 things: 

Female centaur 

GW Age of Sigmar Liberator 

Order of the Nail Hellknight 

4 spike shell turtlemen 


the class was intense,  learned a lot about color, light, paint and that  I need a new brush. 

I am feeling more confident on swords, not so much on armor

didn't finish the 72mm knight from the workshop, not sure if I ever will. 


Wrote and edited 1 short story.  about 8500 words.  Enough that I am not embarrassed by the first chapter - the rest still needs work. 




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