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Reaper 25th Anniversary Diorama

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5 minutes ago, BLZeebub said:

Ooh, looks like he's gonna be mostly in the dark.  I like this...

Nope. I'm not even a third of the way done though, but good guess. Im thinking it's the "blue" cloth, but it's more gray than blue in hand. 


He'sgonna have a lot of OSL if my plan goes correctly. 

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I changed the title of this thread so I can keep all my WIP pics for this diorama together. I worked on the other figure that's gonna be in it this afternoon while I had some free time. It's Domar and he is going to be my necromancer in the diorama. I also have to put an order in for two other miniatures that will be a part of this.






This is still very much unfinished and only about 4-5 hours of work though.

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2 hours ago, Kuro Cleanbrush said:

This is looking super cool!  I love the lighting effects you have going!

It's pretty rough at the moment but the idea is that it's a necromancer and a priest dueling. I have to order two more figures to complete it.

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