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I won this figure at Adepticon last weekend, by playing the daily events.  I don't usually use orange as a primary color (I'm trying it out for Adon CAVs) so this was a bit experimental.  Hopefully it turned out well.










Most of the paints are Reaper MSP, others noted.  Colors used:


Body - Game Color beasty brown (base), Citadel earthshade (wash), MSP fire orange (drybrush), MSP sun yellow (highlight)

Scales - MSP forest green (base), MSP muddy olive (drybrush), Game Color camouflage green

Cockpit - MSP black wash (wash), MSP rainy grey (drybrush)

Pistons - MSP creamy ivory

Base - Game Color beasty brown (base), Citadel earthshade (wash), MSP creamy ivory (drybrush)




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Nice looking Mini and a good colour scheme its different, I'm also trying to decide how to paint which camo schemes on my Adon, Ritterlich & Almirithl Principality Cavs when the KSII arrives :blink: might pinch part of this colouring for one of them :poke:

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2 hours ago, Logos said:

Cool buuuut when I first looked at it I thought those were giant cucumbers on its arms. :lol:


It appears my avatar agrees with you.  (I would never cucumber prank my cat though)


I think I need to put a bit more detail into the arms to help the ridges stand out more.  And some fake-shine on the cockpit.

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