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Spring Exchange 2018 for Cerebro1974


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So lucky to have received such great minis - the pics hardly do justice! 

For anyone following this and not peeking at the exchange thread regularly - the orc was such a great job (excellent choice for the orc to paint), that instead of just an orc tribe leader, this bad boy is also going to be the father of our parties half-orc/half-goliath. This will be where he subconsciously received his love of the axe, and his rage!


As for the Venger - wonderful! I had been toying with who this campaigns BBG was going to be for some time as I was world building. I struck on the idea as my players are all relatively young and didn't watch D&D cartoons as a kid on Saturday morning. I figured someone obscure that they could look into would be fun.


The painting is superb. The package arrived last week and I was blown away. Not only did these minis blow me away with the quality, but they made me want to run and play immediately!


Thanks again Clearman! I definitely appreciate it!

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3 minutes ago, Logos said:

I really like the highlighting you did on the axe, armor and shield.  Can you tell me the process and colors you used?


The colors are primarily Reaper MSP 9088 Stormy Grey, 9089, and 9090 Misty Grey.  The deep shadows are 9065 Grey Liner.


I used a standard NMM technique for color placement, and layered blending for the rest.  I may have also use a mid-tone glaze to tie things together when the blends didn't quite come together.  I can still see some areas where the transitions could be a bit smoother though.


I think the trick that really makes it pop is the edge highlights of 9039 Pure White.

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