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    • By TGP
      Welcome to the last 2019 instalment of Getting to Know You, December 2019 Edition.
      The rules as they currently stand ( ...should you chose to accept them... )
      1. Every day, or so (unless I am out or ill or something) I will post a question.
      1.5. Should I be unable to post a question for the day a crack team of deputy quisitors, former quisitors, are likely chomping at the bit to step in and post one... 
      2. In theory there is a 24 hour span to answer that question before the next question is posted.
      2.5. (Rule 2 is the most frequently ignored rule.)
      3. Questions will typically be posted between  06:00 hours and 09:00 hours CET. (Central European Time UYC +1)***
      3.5 (...that is 23:00 to 02:00 hours RST Reaper Standard Time UTC -6)***
      4. Everyone is encouraged to suggest future questions to be posted via PM to me or one of the other quisitioners.
      (But my PM box is stuffed full gimme 2-3 days to clear it out...) 
      5. You do not have to answer every question to play.
      6. If a question is TMI or N/A simply wait for the next question.. ..or post that you decline to respond (clues regarding why can be fun...unless TMI).
      7. Weekend questions will often take the form of two day quests, running Saturday to Sunday.
    • By TGP
      Welcome to May!
      New Slightly Revised Rules: 
    • By Pingo
      It's time again for a year-end roundup of the figures I managed to finish last year. These are the figures I finished during the calendar year of 2018, which was, let me tell you, another ... interesting year.
    • By lexomatic
      I was absent from here for much of 2018 (starting mid-August 2017), but that doesn't mean I wasn't painting. I hope to post a bunch of pics over the next week detailing all the minis I painted before August 2018. March featured a ton of stuff for convention GMing and I also painted a bunch for Tomb of Annihilation. And just whatever I felt like.
      I'm going through stuff elsewhere to see what's been done and soon I'll be posting the list of minis (and also linking to other show-off threads).
      Tablescapes Terrain WIP
      Terraincrate Terrain/dressing WIP 1- Wizard's Study general WIP
      Wizkids pre-primed minis and more minis terrain & dressing
      Bad Squiddo Freya's Wrath 
      Folklore the Affliction minis
      GW mini WIP
      Reaper Bones minis
      77434 Yeti Chieftain
      77460 Dwarf Butcher
      77624 Altar to Dagon 77343 Goroloth 77166 Balto Burrowell 77142 Bones Blacksmith WIP Show-off
      The missing minis are yet to come... I need to find where they were stashed out of the way.
      Total count 20 (actually, __)
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